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ashmore Police department

General Rules


The police department is at the heart of the criminal role-play in Ashmore. Since many policing role-play features such as Citations, Arrests, and Case Assignments are designed to award roles to the general population, it’s important to understand the following:


Police players are responsible for exemplary role-play etiquette, a positive attitude with both new and existing players, and maintaining inclusive stories.  Every function and feature is designed to encourage player-to-player scenes and weave stories – it is not about simply leveling ranks, following complex hierarchies, and mundane training requirements.


While we do understand that some players may have prior police roleplay experience in other RP Sims there is really no way to show this except through active RP.  Additionally, the Unnatural world is not linked with any other RP Sim in Second Life and has the particular element of the existence of Supernaturals and the Veil.  Because of this, and in order to be fair to all players, all new police offices will start off as Rookies.  Rookies have all the same expectations of a normal Officer, so please do not think this hinders your roleplay in any way! Ranking up and earning things in-character is fun! 


The Ashmore Police Department is not considered “corrupt” but please do not let this refrain from your character being so. “Good Cop vs Bad Cop” is a thing. Just expect in character consequences if your character is caught showing favoritism or anything alike

General Rules

When applying for the Police Department please understand we are looking for proper roleplay etiquette. There will be no exceptions to the general rules that are set for Unnatural. No metagaming knowledge, no god modding scenes, and no power gaming under any circumstance. 


Police are expected to wait at least a FULL Post Round before posting into any responding scene. This is so you have the general feel on what your character is about to walk into. Understand that Police work is a SUPPORT role for the sim - meant to enhance others stories, while also creating your own. 


When approaching a combative scene, you are expected to follow the same structure as everyone else. Please be reasonable with your attacks/defenses. Doing “too much” within a few seconds is frowned upon. Play fair! The Police Department is respected, and can handle more than the average human. But you’re not a superhero!

NPC Help

NOTE: NPC’s are to ONLY be used to enhance a scene. By no means will you use them to provide yourself, or the Police Department, an unfair advantage. If there are players active in the scene, there should be absolutely NO NPC’s involved. NPCs give players no room to react, or seek plausible retaliation. If you abuse this, there will be consequences and possible termination.


Ashmore Police Department is meant to portray a small town Department that protects the veil under any cost. It is important to know, sometimes the Police do not win. And sometimes, the suspect will get away. Especially when encountering a Supernatural. 


There are various NPC’s that the department has. And it is plausible to believe that there is always someone in the bullpen and jail area alike. These NPCs are NOT to be used outside of the station. And are believed to be incapable of any actual help on the streets. They are limited to desk duties and dispatching. 


Using a NPC in a scene to “assist” your character in combat is NOT allowed. This is to encourage players to roleplay together. Take a partner out on a patrol, or follow up on a Detective case together. Not with Timmy the NPC running around with a long rifle. 


There will be times that there is LEAD or ADMIN approval to use NPCs. But these cases are rare. If you need such “backup” please contact  Fen Blacach (Blade Syakumi) to plan a scene like this out. These times could include, but are not limited to, raids – gang attacks – SWAT dealings and more!


Applying for apd

If you have interest in the Police Department you MUST have Discord. Our reporting system, and criminal records, will all be posted there. Also, there is a special Municipal Network Channel to post radio back ups and more! This is only to bring players together and include as many in your scenes as possible. We encourage you to reach out and create stories with one another!


You are allowed to play a different race with the Police Department in Ashmore. But there are a few things to be aware of. Your character is at a high risk of being “known” to both other Supernaturals, and Horizon – The Undercover Agency behind Ashmore. By applying, you’re taking this risk and understanding it! Please visit the Police Station to pick up your application (click on the recruiting flier on the back wall)


  • Supernatural: In the Unnatural world government officials would know of the existence of Supernaturals on a need-to-know basis.  There also exists an entity called Horizon that monitors Supernatural activity and has put tasks forces in place to aid in the protection of Humans, Supernaturals, and the Veil.  These tasks forces may include forensics, “clean up’ crews, coroners or medical examiners, etc. that are called upon in the event of a Supernatural Crime scene.  They would forge reports to make them seem like ordinary crimes.


In larger cities where the population is denser and the crime rate is higher it is easier to sweep some things under the rug, yet in a smaller town like Ashmore, with the particularity of also having a high Supernatural population, it is not so easy.


NOTE:  It is understood that Supernaturals may want to keep their identity and race a secret, but by choosing to work for an entity like the Police Department you are choosing to work for the government and in very close proximity to other people of all races, and your status as a Supernatural being is subject to exposure to others and the government/Horizon.


Personnel File: If your character has prior experience in police work IC’ly they would have a personnel file that would also included a sealed/encrypted Horizon file that includes your character’s Race and prior experience/knowledge.  When your character arrives at Ashmore PD the Police Chief would request this file and examine it.  You may write this “file” yourself on a NC.  It should include Name, Age, Race, Prior experience (brief), notable incidents, and if Human, whether a knowing Human or not.  Also note, that though the file may say that a Human is NOT knowing, this doesn’t make it necessarily true, it just means that Horizon has no knowledge of the person being exposed/debriefed.  If a file does not exist, as in your character has no prior experience or has not worked for a government entity in the past, one would be created, which would include a physical examination by Horizon officials, that will expose your Supernatural race to Horizon and Superior Officers.  See NOTE above..


  • Humans:  Any Knowing Human working at the PD is sworn to secrecy under penalty being made to disappear.  Horizon may have the ability to wipe their memories clean and relocate them to another remote city with a new identity, etc.  


Rookies/Patrol Officers:  These are NOT in the need-to-know list and would not be debriefed on Supernaturals.  Not-Knowing does not hinder any police activity RP.  Any not-Knowing Rookie or Patrol Officer responding to a Supernatural Crime Scene would be glamored immediately after to forget any witnessed Supernatural Activity.

Detectives:  These are NOT in the need-to-know list and would not be debriefed on Supernaturals.  However, it is safe to assume that Detectives would have a few year’s experience on the Police Force and may have been exposed to some things during their career (they aren’t stupid!), and may be debriefed should the need arise.

Sergeant and above:  Need-to-Know.  Higher-ranking Human officers in Ashmore are Knowing Humans, regardless of their attitude toward Supernaturals.  However they would only have access to the Personnel File of those directly under them.

APD Handbook

The Handbook

Uniform/Dress Code

While on patrol, Officers will be expected to appear well-groomed at all times and follow the dress code.  Officers failing to follow the dress code will face administrative consequences that can range from suspension to dismissal, depending on severity and repeat offenses (IC consequences).  


The uniform for Officers on patrol should consist of black tactical shirt or t-shirt, black tactical cargos, black combat boots. 


Detectives and higher ranking officers may wear business-casual plain clothes, but must keep a professional look  I.E. slacks, button ups, skirts, blouses, dress shoes.

Approved Utilities

  • Standard Issued Radio – If requesting backup, make sure to radio into your Municipal Chat in world to communicate with other ON DUTY Officers. (See Radio Usage for more information)

  • Taser – Google basic usage of a taser before using it. Horizon has graciously made sure the prongs on the taser are silver lining, they will hinder MOST supernatural abilities.

  • Tactical Baton 

  • Pepper Spray

  • Handcuffs & Zip Ties

  • Standard Issued Firearm (9mm and Semi Auto ONLY) 

  • Vest – You may take 2 hits to the vest before it is rendered useless. NO extra plating, as it takes a bit to change those out. Play fair! 

  • Officers CAN use a shotgun or even a SEMI Auto Rifle. But will not have them on their person at all times. They can have them in their vehicles, or stashed in the gunlocker within the Police Department. If caught out in the streets with such items, without plausible cause, might warrant questions from Brass!


NOTE: There will be “special” equipment issued to officers to help deal with Supernatural Issues.  Not all Officers will have access to these items, and even when issued to everyone, Officers may not know that they are “special”.  When these items are in play, look for in-world notices.


You are allowed to rez your own vehicle to add some depth into your scene. By doing this, please be courteous and pick up your vehicle after your scene ends. Make sure to follow the basic expectations below:

  • Rookies & Patrol Officers – May rez a vehicle that MUST be marked. (Ashmore Police Department graphic coming soon. Otherwise, make sure it has simple Police Markings along the side)

  • Detectives – May rez a vehicle that can be Unmarked.

  • Senior Ranking Officers (SGT, LT, CAP, Chief) – May drive whatever they please.


Promotions/Career Path

Players coming in with experience from other sims will be expected to show their experience, dedication to the role, and RP skills by working as Rookies on probation for a maximum of 2 weeks while “paperwork” comes through, after which they will be automatically promoted to Patrol Officer.


Officers are promoted as needed due to activity, helpfulness and based on how committed they are to the force. If you want the higher ranking, please note we do pay attention and we see you! Stay active and stay positive! 


Promotions happen on an as-needed basis. Remember that Ashmore is a small town in the mountains and higher ranking officers may not be as needed as in bigger cities. If you express interest in Detective work, please coordinate a meeting with a senior Officer. During this process, you will be assigned a basic case to follow-up on to see if the interest is still there.


Rookie & Patrol Officer: Patrolling the streets, walking the streets, responding to emergency calls, day to day police work.

Detective (Det): Leads investigations on assigned cases with both fellow detectives and patrol officers assigned to the case

Sergeant: expected to train rookies and lower ranking officers

Lieutenant: expected to train rookies and lower ranking officers

Captain: Expected to lead the Sergeant and Lieutenant and coordinate special tasks to the department

Chief of Police: Lead

Horizon Task Forces: Horizon would periodically check in with the higher ranking Officers (Lead - Chief) for potential Horizon Task Force Recruits: Supernatural Status, Knowledge, Experience, etc all count towards this. 

  • This role is granted through Roleplay. Not everyone will have access to becoming a Horizon member. These are super trusted, typically - but not limited to, human characters.



Patrol Duties

Rookies and Patrol Officers are the forefront of The Ashmore Police Department. They are the ones who are out protecting and serving under the Veil. As a Patrol Officer, whether it is Rookie or Full Ranking, you are expecting to uphold the Veil by any means necessary. Patrol Officers will commonly find themselves responding to Emergency Calls, Dispatch coordinates, and simply just patrolling. They are expected to issue citations, bring in wanted criminals, and communicate with Detectives and Brass alike. Patrol Units are still expected to provide Jail roleplay to those that are arrested. 

  • Patrol Officers, Rookie and above, can all utilize a marked Police Vehicle. These can be used during scenes but please make sure, if using your own, you pick up the car afterwards. Courtesy! 

    • Vehicle Patrols would be expected to follow the same guidelines 

    • If you are using the Sim provided car make sure to return it to the Police Department afterwards



Detectives are Senior ranking Officers. Their duties are to follow up the cases that Patrol Units did not get to close with an arrest or citation. Upholding the Veil in the process. Detectives may utilize Patrol Officers as needed and even form little task forces to pursue more dangerous criminal cases. Detectives may still do patrols when their investigative time is slow! Detectives are still expected to provide Jail roleplay to those that are arrested. Interrogations while people are incarcerated are the best.

  • Detectives can utilize an unmarked Police Vehicle. These can be used during your scenes, but please make sure, if using your own, to pick up the vehicle afterwards! 

    • If you are using the Sim provided car make sure to return it to the Police Department afterwards



NOTE: We understand everyone wants to rank up within the Department. And with commitment, this will be rewarded. Train people, work well with others, be helpful! And you’ll get there. Remember, Ashmore is a small town. And we value our Patrol and Detectives just as much as the Senior Ranking Officers.


These will be Officers ranking entirely committed to the Veil and the betterment of Ashmore! Their Duties will be more on par with training and overseeing the Patrol Units and the Detective branch. Brass as seen as the respected people around The Ashmore Police Department. Many Rookies and Officers will recognize them just based off their name or face. Brass will assist in both Patrol and Investigations on an as needed basis and report directly to the Chief of Police. Brass is still expected to provide Jail roleplay to those that are arrested. 

  • Brass Rankings are as Followed

    • Sergeant

    • Lieutenant 

    • Captain

    • Chief of Police (LEAD)

  • Brass can utilize any Police Vehicle – Marked or Unmarked. These can be used during your scenes, but please make sure, if using your own, to pick up the vehicle afterwards! 

    • If you are using the Sim provided car make sure to return it to the Police Department afterwards

Radio Usage


This is the main way to communicate with your colleagues. Please keep the spam within these groups/channels to a minimum. Only include snippets that will lure other Officers to your scenes. If you need an invite to the group in world please see the staff board at the Landing Zone to contact someone. To get the role in the discord channel, please simply ask! 

When joining the Ashmore Police Department, based on your rank, you will be awarded a call sign of your choosing.


R-_ _ _ _ _
O- _ _ _ _ _
D- _ _ _ _ _
S- _ _ _ _ _
L- _ _ _ _ _
C- _ _ _ _ _

The underscores are to be numbers of your choosing. Be creative, we don’t need R-69696 a dozen times! You trolls. 


Things to use your radio for:

  • Signing on Duty / Off Duty

  • Where your characters patrolling

  • When in pursuit of criminal

  • When transporting back to the bullpen (The PD)

  • When backup is needed 



NOTE: Make sure to mark things as [RADIO] and you are also posting in your scenes you are using your radio!  This is to ensure the others in your scene have proper time to react if Police backup is approaching. 


  • [RADIO] “C-50360 to Dispatch. Requesting backup at the Bad Moon. Got one suspect fleeing and two apprehended. Suspect is a tall male, dark hair, wearing a leather jacket. Fleeing north towards the Gun Shop” 


  • [RADIO] “C-50360 reporting on Duty”


  • [RADIO] “C-50360 responding to disturbance at The Green Man!” 


  • [RADIO] “C-50360 Reporting Off Duty”

[RADIO] “C-50360 to Dispatch, en route to the Hospital to question a witness about the incident at the Bad Moon Saloon last night. Will be radio silent”



NOTE: Before deciding to make an arrest, assess the scene to ensure you have backup. Patrol in duos. There are threats within the streets, patrol alone at your own risk!


Only make an arrest if you have the means to. Sometimes the Suspect will get away and that is okay. It will make for longer roleplay and has storyline potential. 

Are you able to apprehend a suspect by yourself if alone? If not, perhaps bribery works. Not everyone has to be a “good” cop. 

Always submit your report at the end of the scene. Without this, if people are arrested other officers do not know what to do with the inmates. Remember, we are using discord for our report system. Make sure you have access there so things can flow smoothly. Any questions on this please forward to Nik Moon (Horizxons Resident). 


While suspects are arrested, arresting Officers are REQUIRED to follow up a scene with them during their stay to ensure fluid roleplay and stories. 

Make sure during arrests you state the Suspects their miranda rights. This is basic protocol. If not, they can have a case against the department. 


  • If an arrestee is injured during a scene, prior to being arrested, make sure they are going to the Hospital first under the NPC guard of The Ashmore Police Department. Make sure you make this known OOCly that they are guarded under an NPC so there is no fleeing. 


NOTE: Remember when arresting someone it is just like “Kidnapping” them. Capture limits can be used on arrests should the suspect not get the RP they are looking for. PRIOR to arresting, please communicate with one another and make sure that all parties involved are okay with the Jail Time. This does not warrant people to avoid their ICC’s though. Any questions please refer to your PD lead, or admins! 


NOTE: Reports made on Discord should be concise and to the point. If a more detailed report needs to be posted, and goes past the character limit on discord, contact Joshua Kaufman in the discord group. OR make separate posts. But please make sure it’s as concise as possible to avoid spam. 


The Report System will look as follows:


APD Report


Reporting Officer:




Detail of Event:

Actions Taken:




While we want these reports to be as “to the point” as possible. Please make sure you’re stating what is known ICly vs OOCly. Sometimes you might not know the witness! So make sure to communicate that on the report. This is means for follow up Detective work.


  • Murder in the First Degree +168 

  • Assault on a Police officer +48

  • Aggravated Sexual Assault +72

  • Domestic Terrorism +168.

  • Arson +48

  • Kidnapping +72

  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon +48

  • Gang Assault +72

  • Grand Larceny +48

  • Robbery +24

  • Possession of a Deadly Weapon +12

  • Sale of a controlled Substance +24

  • Prostitution +3

  • Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance +24

  • Burglary +24

  • Aggravated Assault +48


  • Petty Arson +24

  • Attempted Robbery +12

  • Use of a Controlled Substance +24

  • Assault +12

  • Resisting Arrest +12

  • Loitering +3

  • Disorderly Conduct +3

  • Trespass +3

  • Vandalism +3

  • Harassment +3

  • Public Indecency +3

  • Extortion +3

  • Embezzlement +3

  • Prostitution +3

  • Petit Larceny +12

  • Possession of a Dangerous instructment +12

  • Willing Destruction of Property +12

  • Patronizing a Prostitute +3

  • Public Intoxication +3

  • Begging +3

  • Possession of a controlled Substance +24

  • Obstruction +12

  • Conspiracy +12


NOTE: Not all Police Interactions need to lead to an arrest. We heavily expect you, as a player, to create stories from your roleplays. We’re all meant to have fun! So citations are the perfect way to create something more for your player, and the suspect alike! These are some to consider. Citations are like a “ticket” where the suspect is expected to come by the Police Department and pay there. Some of these may look like misdemeanor offenses, so bring in that money for the city! Ashmore will be pleased.


  • Bribing an Officer $3000

  • Carrying a Dangerous Weapon $1000

  • Criminal Mischief $2000

  • Cruelty of Animals $1500

  • Destruction of City Property $10000

  • Falsely Reporting Incident $1000

  • Non-Violent Harassment $600

  • Illegal Parking $400

  • Health Code Violation $2000

  • Illegal Sale of Firearm $5000

  • Interfering with Officer Duties $4500

  • Jaywalking $500

  • Littering $250

  • Loitering $250

  • Noise Violation $150

  • Possession of an Illegal Weapon $1000

  • Possession/Usage of Fake ID $2000

  • Promotion of Prostitution $3000

  • Public Nudity $500

  • Public Urination $500

  • Trespassing $750

  • Reckless Driving $1500

  • Soliciting $250

  • Vandalism $750

  • Violation of Court Order $7000


NOTE: These scenes are NOT required to be played out - but we do encourage all Officers to. We understand that people have time constraints. Please make sure when you are booking someone into the Ashmore Jail, you are adding to their Police Report & Criminal Record in the Unnatural Discord Channel. 


  • General intake procedure would go as follows

    • Fingerprinted

    • Photographed

    • Stripped and Search

    • Changed into inmate uniform 

  • Please make sure you gather whatever the person has on them and document it. In case you are not the releasing Officer. If your character is going to steal the inmates items, make sure to make an OOC note of that on the Police Report so there is no confusion 

  • When escorting inmates around the jail, please make sure they are handcuffed for realism. Unless they are in the rec room, which they are free to move as they pleased due to being behind bars still! 


NOTE: These are just ideas for your roleplays. Please do not feel like this is all you can do within the department. Remember, if you arrest someone in Ashmore we do expect you to offer them more story. Please roleplay your arrestees at least once or let them bail using the NPC system. We understand time constraints. 

  • While inmates are locked downstairs in the jail they are cut off from the world. This includes the Supernaturals. Many Officers will not know who is/is not a Super but the Chief of Police does. The Ashmore Police Department is secure. The jail cells are made of pure silver, keeping those at bay so  they cannot escape. 

  • While incarcerated here are a few ideas to get Officers to Roleplay inmates down in the jails 

    • The infamous hose wash. 

    • The inmates have access to a rec room where they can stretch out. **Please make note this room is secured as well for the Supernaturals**

    • Inmates have access to ONE phone call. Cops can bribe inmates with another call for information 

    • Interrogations - get creative here. It can be your imagination here, Officers. Prefer a more “iso” style beat down? Bring your inmate in here and roleplay the camera being off. 

    • Food! The good or the down right bad! Dealers choice. Could even poison, if your character is suspicious of another. 

    • And more. Please be creative and have fun! 

  • If inmates are coming into The Ashmore Police Department and need medical assistance, or a mental evaluation, use your radio to call the Ashmore Hospital. A staff member, if available, will respond.





NOTE: These scenes are NOT required to be played out - but we do encourage all Officers to. We understand that people have time constraints. But please make sure when you’re the releasing Officer that you’re clearing them in the Police Department Discord as well. 


  • Inmates that are being bailed out ICly by one of their friends must have the OOC consent from all parties. The Officer, the person bailing, and the inmate. Communicate, communicate, communicate! 

  • Inmates who are in for more serious crimes the officer may decide to BLOCK their bail. 

  • Based on the Offense the Inmate is in for, bail costs are as followed for a simple scheme.

    • Felony Offense - $5,000

    • Misdemeanor Offense - $1,000

  • Inmates MUST serve at least HALF of their jail time before bail can be granted



NOTE: Again, these scenes are NOT required to be played out - but we do encourage all Officers to. We understand that people have time constraints. Please make sure when you’re the releasing Officer, you’re clearing them in the PD Discord Channel as well. 


  • Release Protocol would be through the backdoor of the Police Department. At no time should the Officer be bringing the Inmate back through the bullpen for the sake of realism. 

  • The inmate would be given back what they were brought in with, as long as they were not carrying narcotics, weapons or anything else seen as illegal. 

    • If there is consent granted. The Officer can “keep” items that the inmate was brought in with. Maybe he stashed the weed Pauleh brought in for his own personal stash! Be creative and remember to communicate. 

  • An Officer can decide if an inmate must commit “community service” and such things. This will have to be approved by the Chief of Police due to the resources being expended. This is a means to provide more roleplay to all those involved. Be creative!

Bail & Release


It’s the twenty-first century! There are cameras everywhere around Ashmore and even within the Ashmore Police Department. Remember, if you plan on using camera footage in anyway to roleplay out that there is a camera in view that way all parties can react accordingly. 


Cops are allowed to wear body cams that record the events that are happening. Remember to post this in your scenes. Wearing hover text is not enough. It needs to be written for the sake of chat logs. 


CCTV usage from ANY business must be approved by the business lead to be used. In the event there is not an active lead of the business, an admin will need to grant that approval with the Notecard of the events - in it’s entirety. This must be a scene where an Officer goes to that business and has direct contact with the player lead. NONE OF THIS should be NPC’d to avoid any issues. 


Any recorded footage, in any capacity, needs to be agreed upon by all parties involved. The cop, the victims (even if they are not present). Consent, consent, consent. Communication is not hard. Cameras can lead to iffy “metagaming” accusations. So this is enforced to avoid any of that happening.


Remember, anything you EVER use against another player in a harmful way, needs to be communicated between all parties involved.  


CCTV within and around the Ashmore Police Department is ONLY obtainable by Brass ranking Officers. 

  • Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains and above

CCTV Within and around the Ashmore Police Department can ONLY be tampered or deleted by Chief of Police. 


Cameras are positioned all around the Ashmore Police Department. They are non negotiable. The only camera that can be turned “off” is the one in the interrogation room. And the only room without a camera is the Captain’s Office. 

MAIN POINT: If you plan on using recorded footage, in any shape or form, against another player, make sure you gain that OOC consent.

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