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Anonymous tip leads to questions about animal control

Ashmore, PA - In a surprising turn of events, The Ashmore Gazette was sent a mysterious photo last night revealing a makeshift trap configuration positioned outside the Ashmore Police Department. The anonymous tipster provided no additional details, leaving the Gazette to speculate that the department may be grappling with budget constraints, leading to an unconventional solution for animal control.

This unverified photograph has sparked curiosity within the community as residents question the implications of such a setup. Concerns about public safety and the welfare of animals have arisen, prompting residents to seek clarity from the Ashmore Police Department regarding the purpose behind the peculiar trap arrangement.

As citizens await an official statement from the authorities, speculation continues to circulate about the potential reasons behind the trap's installation. The Ashmore Gazette remains committed to investigating this matter further and will provide updates as more information becomes available. In the meantime, residents are advised to stay vigilant and report any unusual sightings or concerns to the appropriate authorities.


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