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Ashmore Diner: Finger lickin' good

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Now delivering freshly hunted & Gathered ingredients.


The diner has a fresh face and fresh menu items that the town should be excited about. It's a toss up what should be mentioned first, but a good start is how new owner, Seana Michelsen, carried in a cut freshly of hunted Elk for this week's specials of Elk sausage, Elk or venison burgers and Elk meatloaf. Her exuberance filled the small diner lending to its feel-good vibes as she talked about the different diners she has successfully owned and operated.

I've had a few over the years and they have always been a main place for people to go and just relax. No gangs, no colors. Outside whatever happens, happens, but no fights inside. In this place it's a safe spot to trade stories or make business calls and deals."

And to enjoy a good, hearty meal and a great pie. Along with their rotating specials Seana is bringing in her "older than dirt" Nanny who apparently has an extra special touch when it comes to pie. While it's only been a few weeks since Seana took over, the steady stream of customers proves the diner is no longer a place to skip over when deciding where to eat.

Come by and try their daily specials and take home some of their crumbly Mountain Rose Apple Pie that will warm even the coldest heart.


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