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Ashmore Medical Center: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Horizon Networks' Operational Management

Leah Grave, Senior Vice President of Horizon Network Facility Operations (PA Northeast)

ASHMORE, PA - Exciting news! Ashmore Medical Center is embarking on a new phase of healthcare beginning December 9, 2023. Horizon Networks will take over operational management, which means they'll team up with Ashmore Medical Center to elevate healthcare standards and ensure the best possible patient care.

This strategic partnership combines expertise, resources, and a shared vision to improve healthcare accessibility and quality. With Horizon Network's experience in the industry, they'll help boost Ashmore Medical Center's efficiency and streamline operations.

Patients can look forward to the same top-notch care they're used to, along with innovative approaches designed to enhance experiences and improve healthcare outcomes. The focus remains on providing comprehensive, patient-centered care, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and following best practices.

Transitioning to this new arrangement will be smooth and hassle-free, without any disruptions to patient care, services, or existing partnerships. The dedicated team at Ashmore Medical Center, including healthcare providers and staff, will continue to deliver compassionate care and unwavering commitment.

Leah Grave, Senior Vice President of Horizon Network Facility Operations (PA Northeast), has been appointed to ensure the safe, reliable, and profitable running of Ashmore Medical Center.

Ashmore Medical Center is grateful for the community's ongoing support and trust as they embark on this exciting journey together. They are committed to keeping patients and partners updated throughout this transition and beyond.

For inquiries or additional information, please contact your Horizon representative.


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