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Ashmore Police Department Executes High-Risk Warrant Service, Apprehends Wanted Individual

Ashmore, [Oct. 5th] - The Ashmore Police Department (APD) received critical intelligence indicating the presence of a wanted individual on the 200 Block of Maple Street. In response to this information and in accordance with an arrest warrant issued by Judge Cotmore, the APD swiftly moved to execute a "high-risk warrant" service. The individual in question, Lilith Castellanos, is known for a history of violence, including a prior conviction for assault on a police officer.

Commissioner Blacach commented on the operation, "Our priority is always the safety of our community and officers. The high-risk warrant service was executed to minimize the potential for harm and maintain control over a situation that involved a dangerous individual with a history of violence."

When asked about the possible connection between the stabbing incident at City Park during the job fair where Castellanos was the victim, Commissioner Blacach responded, "The incident is currently under investigation. While we cannot confirm any direct link at this time, given Miss Castellanos's criminal history and the proximity of the events, it would not be unreasonable to explore potential connections. Rest assured, we are actively pursuing leads in the ongoing investigation and remain committed to identifying the assailant."

The Ashmore Police Department will provide updates on the concurrent investigation as new information becomes available.


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