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Ashmore's News of the Weird: An Actual Lake Monster???

By Bear Stillwater

It's no secret that strange things lurk in the forests, deserts, and lakes, just outside of our periphery. Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest (and other areas). Mothman in West Virginia. Skinfin in Arizona, Jersey Devils in...well, you get the idea. But right here, in Ashmore Lake? Maybe it was awoken by the recent marine fuel spill. Perhaps it's driftwood, or bubbling from a natural gas vein under the lake.

Whatever it is, as you may have heard from DJ Saiomy at local radio station -The Wash- recently, Ashmore has our very own cryptid: Ash, the Ashmore Lake Monster!

There are rumors amongst the local fisherpeople that whatever the critter is, it's guarding a treasure at the bottom of Ashmore Lake. The Ashmore Gazette is offering a prize by the Ashmore Chamber of Commerce worth $100.00 for anyone who can present us with unaltered photographic or video evidence, the creature itself, or the alleged treasure hoard. Get out there on the Lake and get fishin'! And, as always, stay weird, Ashmore.


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