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Chamber of Commerce Announcements

by Faeryn Murphy

The September Chamber of Commerce meeting was held on September 9th. Among the topics up for discussion were past and possible future events for Ashmore. Some exciting things seem to be in the making!

However, another exciting thing was that the September meeting was also the day they voted in the next set of officers for the Autumn term.

Ashmore’s Chamber of Commerce is made up of the owners of all of the businesses in and around town. They meet once a month to discuss, plan and prepare a variety of events around town. And every three months, they vote in new officers so that everyone can have a chance at helping in a variety of ways.

This next term’s officers are:

Volunteers for positions:

-President: Faeryn Murphy (theresaherondale)

-Vice president: Fiadh O Caoimh (cressida.aurelia)

-Secretary: Vot Silver (votucu.babii)


-Community Outreach Chairman: Faeryn Murphy (theresaherondale)

-Historical Chairman: Fiadh O Caoimh (cressida.aurelia)

-Fundraising Chairman: Mike Jones (Tadashir)

-Advertising Chairman: Lilith Castellanos (arcadia.fehr)

The Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Mike Jones for the amazing job he did as president this past terms, and we look forward to his continued help as Fundraising Chairman.

The position of Treasurer is still open if anyone is interested.

Want to get involved? For all business owners or their representatives, the next meeting is 9/22/23 at 4PM SLT at City Hall


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