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Douglas Workforce consulting arrives in Ashmore

Whether you an employer seeking workers, or an individual seeking employment, you will want to pay a visit to Lachlan Douglas and his dedicated team at Douglas Workforce Consulting.

Seeking Employment:

Our thorough interview process will assist you in realizing your greatest assets. As part of our service we will assist you in crafting your resume and arrange interviews with prospective businesses that are seeking what you have to offer. Take the guess work out of searching for that next career.*

Job placement services takes 20% of your second paycheck as payment. This means if we do not find you a job, or you do not keep it to your second pay day, you do not pay us for our services.

* contract workers, those seeking pay-on-completion type employment, are also welcome at Douglas Workforce Consulting.

Business Package:

Do you own or manage a business? Are you seeking staff to ensure your business runs smoothly?

For a reasonable rate, negotiated at the signing of the contract, Douglas Workforce Consulting will conduct a thorough interview on what it is you seek in your employees or contractors and then match individuals with you for the interview process.

In addition to taking the guess work out of finding the right staff, you will be provided an opportunity to showcase your business at our frequent Job Fairs. Please note that civil services are always welcome to a booth at our fair and need not be clients nor pay any fees.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at our new location at 506 S Ashmore Ct. or call our office at (insert a phone number but really just message Lachlan in discord Lossehellin#9794)


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