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Igniting a New Era: Fire Chief Yang Assumes Leadership of Ashmore Fire Department

Angus Watson, AG

Ashmore, PA, 26 June 2023: - This week, Ashmore Fire Department welcomed a dynamic and experienced leader as Chief Ming Yang assumes the role of Fire Chief. With an impressive background in Law Enforcement and a passion for public safety, Fire Chief Yang is poised to ignite a new era of excellence and resilience in protecting the city's residents and properties.

Having previously served as a Sergeant in the Ashmore Police Department and an Ensign with the United States Coast Guard, Fire Chief brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the position. Known for their exceptional leadership skills, unwavering dedication, and innovative approach to public safety, Fire Chief has earned the respect and admiration of colleagues throughout her career.

As the newly appointed Fire Chief, Yang inherits a department that has long been recognized for its professionalism and commitment to serving the community. However, challenges such as emerging environmental fire risks, evolving emergency response strategies, and the need for ongoing training and modernization require a visionary leader capable of steering the department toward new heights.

Community engagement and education will also be at the forefront of Fire Chief Yang’s agenda. Recognizing the importance of empowering residents to be proactive in fire prevention, Fire Chief Yang plans to establish outreach programs, organize safety workshops, and strengthen partnerships with local schools, businesses, and community organizations.

In an era where the role of fire departments extends beyond traditional firefighting, Fire Chief Yang recognizes the importance of maintaining a comprehensive approach to public safety. This includes bolstering emergency medical services, hazmat response capabilities, and disaster preparedness efforts, making the Ashmore Fire Department a reliable force in times of crisis - Particularly in the shadow of the recent extreme weather that descended on Ashmore.

“My intention is to make Ashmore a place where others can come to train with some of the best.” Said Fire Chief Yang, “With regular classes and training sessions for those that want to be trained here in Ashmore versus going to the nearest training facility in Pennsylvania.”

Chief of Police, and Fire Chief Yang’s former boss, Chief Blacach of Ashmore Police Department, expressed his confidence in the Fire Chief’s ability to lead the department, stating, “I am thrilled to see Yang transition into a field of particular interest to her. Her exceptional qualifications, leadership acumen, and commitment to the safety of our community make them the ideal candidate for this crucial role. We look forward to working together to ensure our residents' well-being and our city's continued growth."

As Fire Chief takes command of the Ashmore Fire Department, the city can expect an era marked by innovation, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to public safety. With a visionary leader at the helm, the department is poised to face future challenges head-on and maintain its position as a trusted guardian of the community's well-being.

Ashmore, PA


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