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Interview with the chief blacach

The Gazette Archived Photo

It came to our attention that because of the last incidents, many of the citizens were shaken by the death of the Chief of Police Department, even more shaken when they were told the dead body was not belonged to the Chief. Many of you wondered, maybe not believed but most of you worried about his current condition...

The Chief was kind enough to give us an interview and we hope his words would ease the worry, lighten the truth and rebuild the trust...

Citizens of Ashmore, lets hear our chief...

-First of all, did you get fully recovered, Chief Blacach?

+I do not believe anyone can go through an experience like that and claim they are fully recovered, especially in such a short span of time. Fortunately, my wounds were not grave enough to keep me out of action for an extended period of time, and I am thankful to the team at Ashmore Medical for providing such great care, as well as the folks at the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Support Network for their ongoing mental and emotional support. I have been cleared for all duties by the PLESN and the state's Law Enforcement Review Board. So yes, I am fit for duty

-There was a corpse, your team thought it was you. And then after the examinations, they learned the corpse didn't belong to you. How did they make a corpse look like you, enough to trick even your own coworkers?

+Modern forensics isn't as simple as taking a single swab and unveiling all the answers of the case, it is an iterative process and some of those processes take extended periods of time, more so when deliberate actions have been taken by the perpetrators to cover their tracks or obfuscate the truth. Our outstanding Coroner was quick to see through those attempts to deceive and unravel the truth, however, this was withheld from the public in order to ensure my continued safety. In this instance, the assailants took great care to ensure a wide spectrum of DNA evidence belonging to myself was left at the scene, it was only on enhanced investigation that discrepancies started to appear; as I understand it, a large quantity of my blood and clothing was left with the unfortunate stand-in corpse.

-Did you find the identity of the corpse that has placed?

+We do have an identity of the corpse, however, the family of the deceased have ask that the identity not be released. We will respect their wishes.

-Thank you, Chief.

As you all can read, he openly answered our questions and he did it even though he is also the victim of the case, carrying multiple effects from it. This shows us how much the Chief Blacach cares for the citizens of Ashmore.

This is Blu Ray from Ashmore Gazette.


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