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Job Fair Connects Businesses and Job Seekers, Strengthening Community Bonds

Ashmore, PA - On a sunny Sunday morning, residents of Ashmore gathered in town square for a job fair organized by Douglas Workforce Consulting.

The event brought together a diverse range of local businesses seizing the opportunity to interact with potential employees, while also establishing connections with their customers on a more personal level.

Douglas Workforce Consulting, a renowned staffing and recruitment agency, played a pivotal role in bringing local businesses and job seekers together.

The company's owner, Lachlan Douglas, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, "There are a fair number seeking employment, but they rarely stay unemployed for long. Some people seek jobs to pay the bills, and others seek careers to fulfill something within their souls. Both are valid reasons to attend a job fair where businesses hope to connect with like-minded individuals and fill their rosters."

As for the cost to run such an event Douglas Workforce Consulting absorbed much of the expenses, "aside from the inconvenience of a road closure there is no cost to the city for this event. It has been paid for by Douglas Workforce Consulting, augmented by the cost to the businesses for their table rentals most of whom had that waived as clients. It is my contribution to the city of Ashmore and I am pleased to see it well attended."

The Ashmore Police Department was the highlight of the job fair as they demonstrate the importance of community support and collaboration.

In fact, Douglas recounted an incident that solidified his admiration for the Ashmore Police Department. "On the second day that my business opened, my storefront was vandalized, and the APD was there to assist me. Not just with seeking and apprehending the culprit, but ensuring that my mental health did not waver," Douglas recalled.

Douglas continued, "When I open a branch of Douglas Workforce Consulting in a new city, I spend a great deal of my focus on municipal services while on-boarding new business clients. It is a way to ensure I'm supporting the city I'm operating in first and foremost."

Douglas emphasized that the job fair went beyond its primary objective of employment opportunities. He believed that such events were instrumental in building a strong and interconnected community. "Aside from the obvious benefits, it is also a way to bring the community together, to share in the joy of baked goods or fine pizza, to get to know the business owners on a social level, to mingle and form bonds that strengthen our community as a whole," Douglas added.


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