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Luxurious Venue Club Lazarus Makes Strides in Keeping Tourism Alive

Kelly De'Freyne-Wolfe

Ashmore’s the epitome of Small Town America. With its charming town square and friendly people, it's easy to ignore the negative impacts of a failing US economy. However, certain members of the business community have found creative ways to raise funds in order to keep their business open.

Enter Club Lazarus, an opulent blend of cabaret club environs of old Hollywood and theater. Club Lazarus is a long-standing fixture of Ashmore and home to one of Ashmore’s historical landmarks. To keep that landmark maintained, Lazarus hosted a unique fundraiser in which

members of the community auctioned themselves off to friends, neighbors, and visitors. While this sounds very scandalous, the owner of Club Lazarus, Mrs. Leah Grave, along with her manager, Mr. Jae-sung Jeong, raises over $500,000.00 in generous donations in the spirit of ‘spicy’ fun.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Grave:

Kelly Wolfe "Thank you for your time. This unique event has been enjoyable. Can you tell me about this auction and its purpose?"

Leah Graves “We were raising money to go towards upgrades around the church and the club. The church is a historical fixture in Ashmore, and we want to make sure it stays standing. We also will use the money to go towards security cameras. My manager, Jae-sung Jeong, did a wonderful job putting this together."

Kelly Wolfe "I admit I was a bit taken back to find this club situated at the base of the church. It is very opulent in comparison to the rest of the town. Can you tell me a little bit about Lazarus and its plan for the future?"

Leah Grave "Of course. We are a diamond in the rough. Ashmore used to be the crown jewel of the Poconos. We bring in all sorts of visitors local and foreign who we hope will see the potential of Ashmore and want to invest in the town as well, rising back to the top."

Kelly Wolfe "The Crown Jewel of the Poconos. Areas hit hard with economical shifts such as Ashmore are experiencing a revival as more and more Americans travel locally. How will Lazarus continue to made strides in Ashmore's continued success?"

Leah Grave "We like to give back to the business community and we do that by supporting our local Chamber of Commerce. We also have funds set aside to help particular entrepreneurs open businesses in the main area of town."

Kelly Wolfe "How do you feel the University's expansion here into Ashmore will affect businesses such as Lazarus?"

Leah Grave "Oh of course not. We hope to work with the University to host special events that need more of a formal setting.”

Kelly Wolfe "You mentioned helping Entrepreneurs looking to settle into Ashmore. Who can those prospective applicants make inquiries to?"

Leah Grave "Myself or to my manager Jae-sung Jeong."

While I don’t have the details as to how Club Lazarus supports local entrepreneurs in the area, if you are looking for a resource please inquire at Club Lazarus.


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