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Midweek Unnatural Update for 10.11.23


>>>10/11 Welcome Wednesday 6pm SLT Join Lore Keepr Saiomy at the Fishing Hole for our Welcome Wednesday! Meet other players and learn more about the lore along with active storylines!


>>>Fight Club Thusdays @ 4pm SLT Fight Club @ Scrap N' Save Salvage and Junkyard

>>>Friday Oct. 13 5pm-7pm SLT the Killers and Camp Counsler Party at Ashmore Lodge (Hosted by Spellbound)

>>Have an event you'd like to see on sim? Submit your ideas here: Make sure after you submit to send a quick DM to Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) in-world or ryder_storms in Discord.


Photo Contest

From now until Oct 11th we are looking for fall photos to feature on our website and in future advertising for the sim. The top 3 most liked entries will receive L$1000 each. All photos used in advertising will be credited to the photographer. Please read the entry guidelines carefully. Entry Guidelines:

Photos must be taken on the Unnatural Sim

Photographers MUST belong to at least one Unnatural in-world group.

Participants can have up to 3 entries

Photos can be posted in the Unnatural Discord Gallery in this thread,

Unnatural Flickr Group, or submitted in-world.

Voting will be done via the website starting on Oct 13th through the 17th. A link will be provided when it opens.

Because these photos will be used on the website and in future advertising, entries must be safe for work but can be creative.

By entering this contest, you understand that your photo may be used on the Unnatural website or in other advertising.

Make sure you mention in your description or title "UNFALLPC" so we know which photos are considered entries.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Ryder Storms aka Leah Grave.



>>>Lazarus hosts Applefest ALL DAY Oct. 22

What is Applefest?

Applefest is a yearly village-wide food, entertainment and crafts fair, taking place in several towns in Canada, the United States and England.

What happens at Applefest?

Apple bobbing, apple-pie-baking and eating contests, a 5k race, apple cider (both soft and hard cider/apple moonshine), self care vendor, a car show, arts and crafts vendors, music and entertainment. Everything you can think of involving apples, it’ll be there.

More details to come!

>>>Fall Film Fest! 3 days of films! Nov 3rd, 4th, and 5th. 3pm SLT - Whenever. If your business is interested in helping sponsor the Festival reach out to Kyra Umber (Taya Breil).



Does it matter if the sun is shinning? Commissioner Fen Blacach is dead.

Will Interim Chief Haidynn Fleur rise to the top or go bat shit crazy hunting down Blacach's murderers?

What's with the super secret spooky historical society that suddenly popped up?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

And a side note: Good luck surviving Friday the 13th and the solar eclipse this weekend.



>>>Do You Have What It Takes?

Ashmore Fire Department is now hiring Volunteer Firefighters. Serve your community in your spare time, gain world class training and experience with state of the art equipment and make a difference.

Full-time FF/EMT positions are also available. Apply today!

>>>Interested in being a business owner/manager?

There are several sim-owned business that are available. To claim the business send a notecard with the business and your proposal to a Community Leader. Be sure to include community event ideas and ways you think you can help promote your business.

>>>Do you want to serve and protect your community?

Do you have an infinity for coffee and donuts! Then the Ashmore Police Department may be your calling! Pick up your application at the front desk of the APD or visit the

>>>Does the sight of blood fascinate you?

Enjoy giving sponge baths? Have an outrageous amount of medical school debt? Well Ashmore Health is looking for CNA's, Nurses, Doctors, and other medical professions. Visit the front desk at Ashmore Health to apply!



While you are not required to wear a race tag, you are required to wear a tag associated with this sim (RP, Race, or sim recognized group) in order to roleplay in Unnatural. By accepting the RP tag in the landing zone and wearing any of our tags you show that you have read the rules and the lore and agree to abide by them. You can create your own groups if you wish, for your gang, clan, pack, place of business, etc. However, you may not use the word “unnatural” or any symbols associated with the sim. Groups must be approved by community leads.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Kali (kaliope.karas) - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Pauleh - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Lexie Vaher - Community Lead

Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) - Community Lead

Fen Blacach (fen.syakumi) - Community Lead


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