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Murder at the Palace Theater, One dead

By Elayna Cunnington

Ashmore, PA (December 27th) - An incident has taken place at the Palace Theater, located at 202 South Ashmore Court, as a woman was taken hostage in the theater. A man named Dalton Fyre has been arrested on counts of aggravated assault, first degree felony kidnapping, and murder in the first degree. He is expected to be held without bail once he recovers in the hospital. The case has been referred to the Luzerne County District Attorney. It is expected that Fyre and the victim knew each other, though the motive is still being discussed. The police engaged with the victim and an altercation had taken place, resulting in the arrest of the suspect.

The victim was taken to the hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

A police officer was injured on scene, but it was considered non life threatening.

Chief FEN BLACACH has released a press release following the incident. We have interviewed Officer Alex Hawkins about the incident, asking if this added to the statistics of gun violence in the country. 

“While I can’t comment on Gun violence in the country, Gun violence has been relatively low in Ashmore.” Officer Hawkins commented.

The identity of the victim is left unnamed to protect her and her family from harassment. 

On the subject of Fyre and his crimes, there is no mention of previous convictions or mental health. The investigation. If you have any information on the incident, please contact the Ashmore police department


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