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New police chief appointed by city officials

In the wake of the recent departure of Chief Nik Moon, Fen Blacach was named Ashmore's Chief of Police.

His career in Law Enforcement started in large metropolitan departments. In 2002, he joined the Cook County Sheriff's Department - one of the most densely populated Counties in North America, as a Deputy Sheriff. Blacach. While the Chicago PD covered a large portion of the city, Blacach's duties covered much of the geographical area, roads, highways in conjunction with both CPD and the Illinois State Police.

Blacach's career shifted to investigations as a Detective for CCSD then transferring to Chicago PD as a Detective Sergeant where he gained the valuable experience working with the public at large, victims, and families.

"I found that level of responsibility, detail, and challenge to be extremely gratifying," says Blacach, "It pretty much defined the rest of my career, both running teams of Detectives and working my own cases."

His career led him to accept a role as a Lieutenant in a Major Crimes Division out in Nevada before picking up a wound in the line of duty. After some recovery, he worked with partners in Federal Law Enforcement, before accepting the rank of Captain, running a Major Crimes Division in Virginia.

When asked why he decided to bring his career to Ashmore instead of a major city Blacach replied, "Working for large departments has its perks, don't get me wrong, budgets, people power - Those things come part and parcel with your metropolitan and city-scale departments. However, and I can only speak for myself here, I don't want to sit in an office in some swanky police plaza downtown. I'd much rather be on the beat with my officers, meeting our community, tackling the same issues my rookies are tackling on a daily basis. Ashmore PD, and departments like it, are where I can make a difference. I know what goes on, I know my staff, and I know my community."

Chief Blacach has a message for the citizens of Ashmore. "It might sound like a trope, but 'See Something, Say Something' is the mantra I'd hope all citizens of Ashmore keep in mind. APD is a small department, and while we'd love to be everywhere at once, it's simply not possible. However, everyone can help by being vigilant, proactive, and prepared.

Ashmore Police Department is currently looking to add civic minded individuals who want a more hands on approach to serving and protect Ashmore. Those interested can apply in person or submit an application on their website.


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