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Parks & Game: Trail Signs

Updated: Mar 2

Looking for adventure? Look no further than the expanse of wilderness surrounding the city of Ashmore. Parks & Game in conjunction with the City of Ashmore, has provided a series of trail signs to help educate the public on our wilderness and on conservation efforts.

There are two ways to participate in the Trail Signs project. Both options are just as valid. Be sure to stop by the Parks Office to see if any Rangers are available to go with you if you need a hiking or riding partner.

THE HARD WAY: Find the Trail Signs on your own through exploration of the wilderness and give yourself a pat on the back if you manage to find them all!

THE EASY WAY: Follow the GPS coordinates in the list below to be guided to the various Trail Signs.

Whether you are hiking or renting one of the horses at the Stable locations (Parks Office or at the Lake) there is lots to explore. Go ahead and post your selfies with the trail signs on social media and tag us @APDRangers, #AshmoreTrailSigns, to show off your cleverness!

The Trail Signs (The Easy Way)

Starting Location - Parks Office Stables (SLURL)

Starting Location - Ashmore Stables (SLURL)


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