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Suspect Turns Himself in After Brawl

ASHMORE, CITY SQUARE 2/15/2023 According to a witness there was a fight that broke loose within the Town Square. The suspect fled the scene before Ashmore Police were able to arrive where they found the victim, Duncan Avery, nearly beaten to death. Without CCTV suspects of crimes like this rarely are apprehended, but in a surprising turn of events the suspect turned himself in after hearing about the condition of the man he left. The victim, now awake from a coma, was able to confirm that the suspect’s mood suddenly changed with minor provocation, which matches the suspect's statement when interviewed while awaiting arraignment. Due to the ongoing case, more details may not be disclosed, but the events of the night bear many similarities to other stories around town that involve a new drug that has hit the streets whose name is still unknown.

Officials have yet to confirm correlation but Ashmore community leaders warn that the new drug that has hit the streets may have unintended effects on those with PTSD, anxiety and other similar disorders. Avoid pills that are not prescribed to you and be sure to keep a watchful eye on drinks at parties, bars and clubs.


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