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The Green Man: New Owner, Same Feel

New owner promises to keep beloved bar feeling like home.

Ashmore, PA -

The Green Man has fallen under new management, and regulars will be happy to know that she won’t be changing anything any time soon. Isana Konyr brings years of experience in the hospitality world and a network of vendors to Ashmore’s beloved watering hole, but desires to keep this hidden gem down to earth and inexpensive while still bringing in quality spirits and brews. And chicken wings!

The atmosphere was inviting, the beer tasty, and staff were all smiles for once - even ol' Pete which says something about his new boss who hails from the west and genuinely seemed exciting about finding Ashmore and it's unique energy and becoming "one of us".

What I really loved about The Green Man when looking for a business venture to get into was it's history. I love the lore regarding the name, even though I did have to look it up initially. I'm really big on community so bringing this place to life seemed like a good way to both have a business and get involved with the community.

The Green Man is open 7 days a week so stop by and check out the latest local brews on tap.


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