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TMZ EXCLUSIVE: Punk Rock Musician Ryder Millet charged with Assault with a deadly weapon

On Tuesday, October 10, 2023, punk rock musician, was escorted from his workplace, Bad Moon Saloon, by an Ashmore Police Officer to the Ashmore county jail. Millet was charged with Assault with a deadly weapon.

At the Ashmore Job Fair on October 3rd, 2023, Millet was allegedly caught on camera throwing a knife at Lilith Castellanos at the job fair that was taking place in the downtown square of Ashmore, Pennsylvania in front of several witnesses. Castellanos sustained an injury on the back of her shoulder but will make a full recovery.

Millet recently relocated to the small town with his now ex-wife, Alice and their five kids after putting their house in Louisiana up for sale.

The rising star became elusive after several scandals earlier this year and then announced he was going to “take a break for mental health reasons”. He started to talk about soon releasing a new single a month ago but things seem to have taken a dark turn after his assault on Castellanos. The motive behind the assault remains unknown.

Millet has a sketchy past to begin with. It is checkered with drug and alcohol abuse which has led to frequent run-ins with the law. Some of the charges include aggravated assault, destruction of property, arson and possession of controlled substances.

It is unclear if Millet has suffered a full mental breakdown and/or has relapsed on drugs.Millet’s PR has refused to comment at this time. Stay tuned for further updates as more information becomes available.


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