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UNnatural updates for the week of may 15th

Updated: May 22, 2023


Vicars and Tarts at Lazarus - May 20th, 5pm SLT

We are thrilled to announce this themed soirée, where guests are encouraged to embrace their playful sides and dress up as either a distinguished vicar or a sassy tart. Whether you prefer the pious demeanor of a vicar or the audacious flair of a tart, this gathering promises to be a night of laughter, camaraderie, and delightful surprises.

Doors open at 5pm SLT with DJ Kyra. The vibrant ambiance, enhanced by carefully selected music, will set the perfect tone for an enjoyable evening of revelry.

To ensure everyone's comfort, we kindly request that guests arrive dressed in their best interpretation of a vicar or a tart. Whether you choose to don a vicar's clerical collar, robes, and pious accessories, or embrace the flirtatious spirit of a tart with colorful attire and bold accessories, let your imagination run wild!



Douglas Workforce Consulting


Welcome to Ashmore's twice yearly DWC Job Fair set to run June 11th, 2023, at 11am SLT in the town square!

Come to town square and see what Ashmore's finest businesses have to offer.

We are proud to announce that this Fair's Focus Business is...

Ashmore Police Department (Service, Integrity, Respect)

The APD will have the coveted spot in the center of the central park. Do you have what it takes to work with Ashmore's bravest men and women? Stop by their booth for a free donut and get all your questions answered.

═ⒹⓌⒸ═╬ Individuals ╬═○═

Are you seeking work? thinking of a career change? or perhaps just interested in free swag? All are valid reasons to stop by the DWC Job Fair and see what Ashmore can offer you!

If you would like to register through Douglas Workforce Consulting as available to work, reach out to Lasse Berkhoff ((awkwarddsilence.resident)) to book an appointment today!

═ⒹⓌⒸ═╬ Businesses ╬═○═

Do you own or run a business in Ashmore? Would you like to showcase your business at the DWC Job Fair? Reach out to Lachlan Douglas ((lossehellin.resident)) to book a booth today.


University Role-play

Want to get involved with role-play at the University with out having to be a student? We have a few options for you!

RP being an alumni - Say you went to the great University of Northern Pennsylvania and help out a school events

RP being a booster - Boosters range from businesses to parents whose students attend. Throw money at fund-raisers and events!

Teach a community class - ie. Self-defense, wood working, cooking, etc.

For more information or a group invite feel free to reach out to Dean Benjamin Richards (hakumen) or Professor Ryder Storms (ryderstorms)

Business Directory

If you'd like to see your business listed on the Ashmore Business Directory please take a minute to fill this form out:

Event Submissions

Have an event you'd like to see on sim? Submit your ideas here:


Why to Avoid Negative Thought Posts

What is a Negative thought post?

A player will post thinking a negative thought about another player or a situation. The post is done as a thought or emote instead of dialogue, leaving the other players in the scene often unable to react to it.

Example of a negative thought post:

Lexie watches Kali walk into the Bad Moon, her first impression of the woman is that she is slut/whore/bitch.. (put your insult in here). She offers Kali a warm smile and a hello when she comes over.

In this post Kali gets to only react what her character sees, she doesn't get a chance to respond to the mean part of the post. Only the smile.

This type of RP is poor form. In RL, no one can read your minds. But in RP we can. So it would be more fair if you have something negative to say, then you actually have your character say it.

If you are not willing to have your character say it out loud, then don't hide behind your characters thoughts especially to take an IC jab at someone.

We understand that your character might be angry or mad. Use facial expressions to give nonverbal cues. Perhaps they are cringing at someones outfit. You could say something like "Leah's brows raised, her eyes widen looking over Jessica's patchwork dress."

Negative thoughts should be either verbal or an action in which the other player can choose to play off or or not. This gives players the opportunity to see the reaction of your character's face and ask what is up.

Negative thought emotes can often lead to OOC Drama.. So play nice.. if you character doesn't have the guts to say it the person's face and face the consequences of saying...then don't think it.

Enjoy your week Unnatural

Community Leads


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