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Under New Ownership

by Faeryn Murphy

Ashmore, PA has always been known for many things, including the array of quaint shops and picturesque sights. The town square, always full of some of the best shopping for miles. But recently, we have had a change in one of those shops.

Novel Bookstore, a Nora’s Book Nook subsidiary.

The large bookstore chain, Nora’s Book Nook, was once a single store as owner, Nora Carter, began what has grown into quite the bookstore empire with 17 locations. But that first store was right here in Ashmore, PA many years ago.

Recently, Nora’s Book Nook partnered with Umbra Bookstore. But ownership has fully shifted, and both Kam Umbra, former owner of Umbra Bookstore, and Nora Carter, owner of Nora’s Book Nook, have turned the reins over to Ashmore’s recent transplant, Faeryn Murphy.

This corner bookstore can be found on the corner of S. Ashmore and Church St. They carry a variety of genres, including fantasy, romance, mystery, non-fiction and horror. They specialize in first and signed editions. And don’t forget the cozy atmosphere. The perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a book.

Novel Bookstore is also hiring. If interested, leave a note in the red mailbox on the front of the store. Fae will get back with you as soon as possible.


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