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Unnatural Happenings for the week of 6.21.23


The Summer Solstice is on June 21st that marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Many traditions all over the world celebrate the summer solstice as a special day for fertility, sensuality, and the bounty of the harvest. Go out and enjoy the lake and woods. Just watch out for naked dancing phral and humping werewolves. Vampires, get that case of sunscreen off Amazon. Also, be aware if you do jump in the lake and feel a nibble, it might not be an innocent trout.


6/19 @ 4pm - University Roleplay: Stars and Planets taught by Prof. Kyra Umbra

6/21 @ 4pm - University Roleplay: Life in the Universe taught by Prof. Kyra Umbra

6/21 @ 6pm - Welcome Wednesday at Town Square - This will be a weekly event for new players to be introduced to Ashmore and get their foot in the door to start role-playing. ALL PLAYERS - new or old - are invited to attend! Have questions or would like to help host? Send a DM to the Lore Keepers. You can find them listed in the landing zone!

>>Have an event you'd like to see on sim? Submit your ideas here: Make sure after you submit to send a quick DM to Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) in-world or ryder_storms in Discord.


July 1st - ALL DAY - Come celebrate the Fourth of July down at the Lake! Food, games, music, and fireworks!

>>>Fishin' Hole Cookout 12pm-2pm SLT

More details coming soon.

July 1st & 2nd Full Moon Observance

July 7th and 8th - ALL DAY - Ashmore Film Festival will take place over 2 days showcasing about 4 or 5 movies. Theme, times, and other details coming soon.


>>>University Role-play

Want to get involved with role-play at the University with out having to be a student? We have a few options for you!

RP being an alumni - Say you went to the great University of Northern Pennsylvania and help out a school events

RP being a booster - Boosters range from businesses to parents whose students attend. Throw money at fund-raisers and events!

Teach a community class - ie. Self-defense, wood working, cooking, etc.

For more information or a group invite feel free to reach out to Dean Benjamin Richards (hakumen) or Professor Ryder Storms (ryderstorms)

>>>Business Directory

If you'd like to see your business listed on the Ashmore Business Directory please take a minute to fill this form out:

RP TIP OF THE WEEK: Combat Refresher

Combat in Unnatural is freeform with the option to use dice. Players are reminded to play fair and be reasonable. There are several things that can influence the outcome of a combat scene, not just strength or might, who is stronger, but even things like state of mind can affect a character’s ability to fight.

This is a supernatural sim. Expect different combat compared to the combat in Urban or other types of sims. Supernatural beings typically have massive advantages, but also disadvantages. Please refer to your race page to view. Under no circumstances is this an excuse to godmod or powergame.

Remember that everything is an attempt. Even if it’s an ability attributed to your race.

Supernaturals can pick up other scents, heartbeats, etc from other races. Please refer to your race page. Any questions refer to the “Support” chat in the discord

Find the full details in the Combat Guide on our website

Have a great week!

Kali (kaliope.karas) - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Pauleh - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Lexie Vaher - Community Lead

Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) - Community Lead


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