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Unnatural Updates for the Week of May 22nd


May 22nd 4pm SLT - Astro 101 - Stars and Planets at the University

May 24th 4pm SLT - Astro 102 - Life in the Universe at the University

The Veiled Council Trial of Damon Voorhees, accused as the ringleader of the Cherry Blossom Festival attacks - TBD



Douglas Workforce Consulting


Welcome to Ashmore's twice yearly DWC Job Fair set to run June 11th, 2023, at 11am SLT in the town square!

Come to town square and see what Ashmore's finest businesses have to offer.

We are proud to announce that this Fair's Focus Business is...

Ashmore Police Department (Service, Integrity, Respect)

The APD will have the coveted spot in the center of the central park. Do you have what it takes to work with Ashmore's bravest men and women? Stop by their booth for a free donut and get all your questions answered.

═ⒹⓌⒸ═╬ Individuals ╬═○═

Are you seeking work? thinking of a career change? or perhaps just interested in free swag? All are valid reasons to stop by the DWC Job Fair and see what Ashmore can offer you!

If you would like to register through Douglas Workforce Consulting as available to work, reach out to Lasse Berkhoff ((awkwarddsilence.resident)) to book an appointment today!

═ⒹⓌⒸ═╬ Businesses ╬═○═

Do you own or run a business in Ashmore? Would you like to showcase your business at the DWC Job Fair? Reach out to Lachlan Douglas ((lossehellin.resident)) to book a booth today.


After the attacks at the Cherry Blossom Festival, leaders from the races gathered in a secret meeting to discuss how to clean up the veil breaks from the event and create a system to punish those who put all races at risk of being revealed.

The first Unnatural to stand trial will be Damon Voorhees, an Incarnate who initiated the attacks. The Veiled Council will decide his fate.

After the trial, hushed rumors about the council will spread through the races that there is now a governing body to step in when an individual or faction threaten the veil on a wide scale manner. This will come after individual races are asked to deal with the issue through their council, factions, and orders. The Veiled Council is the last line of defense before more sinister governing bodies try to take control of Ashmore and all it's races.


University Role-play

Want to get involved with role-play at the University with out having to be a student? We have a few options for you!

RP being an alumni - Say you went to the great University of Northern Pennsylvania and help out a school events

RP being a booster - Boosters range from businesses to parents whose students attend. Throw money at fund-raisers and events!

Teach a community class - ie. Self-defense, wood working, cooking, etc.

For more information or a group invite feel free to reach out to Dean Benjamin Richards (hakumen) or Professor Ryder Storms (ryderstorms)

Business Directory

If you'd like to see your business listed on the Ashmore Business Directory please take a minute to fill this form out:

Event Submissions

Have an event you'd like to see on sim? Submit your ideas here:


How to Not Be Ignored When Entering a Scene

It can be frustrating, when you try to enter or start a scene and get no responses to your posts. Sometimes, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that the other players in the scene just don't want to play with you. But did you make sure your post was open ended?

Open ended means is there a prompt for a response.

For example: If Leah entered a scene with Rosemary and wanted to initiate roleplay there are two ways the scene could go.

Exp 1. >Leah entered Lazarus and smiled at Dean the bartender and the lady on the other end of the bar and hoped she would be the one to see about a job.

Unless she's a mind reader, there is no prompt that would let Rosemary know what Leah is trying to start a conversation with her. At best, Rosemary may respond with a smile.

Exp 2. >Leah entered Lazarus and smiled at Dean the bartender. She notices a mysterious dark haired woman smoking a clover cigarette at the end of the bar. She cleared her throat and directed a question to the woman, "Excuse me, do you know who I speak to about applying for a job?"

Now there is a direct question for Rosemary to respond to with clues that it is her character being addressed.

Another point to focus on is your circle of awareness when entering a scene. Sim owner Kali Karas mentioned in a blog post:

"Pay attention to the RP around you and be a part of it or step away. Read other people’s posts and react to them. I’ve been in scenes in which someone emotes shooting someone and someone else prattles on, talking to the person that just got shot “oh nice to meet you, whats your name?” while the person shot emotes bleeding profusely and slumping to the ground. The second person never read the rp around them. It’s disconcerting, confusing and disruptive to those involved in the scene, and more than likely your RP will be ignored for the more prominent scene."

It also never hurts to IM the players and ask how you can join the scene.

If you find you still struggle, don't hesitate to reach out to a Community Lead for advice.

Enjoy your week Unnatural

Community Leads


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