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Unnatural Updates for the week of 1.8.24

Photo by Mina (minamaymindi)

Things to do this week

All Week

The University of Northern Pennsylvnia - Ashmore Classes have resumed! For a schedule of classes being taught check out the Unnatural Calendar. Interested in becoming a student or teaching? FIND OUT HOW

Jan. 10 @ 6pm SLT

Welcome Wednesday is an OOC event where everyone is welcomed! Meet new and old roleplayers, ask questions about race, lore, or business. Learn about current storylines and how to get your character involved! This week we are meeting at the Park's Office hosted by the APD Rangers!

Jan. 13 4pm-6pm SLT

The Poconos Region Order of Vampires cordially invites all kindred to Lazarus for our monthly Soiree. Dress your best and be on your best behavior. We having some plotting and scheming to usher a new age of Vampires in Ashmore.

We ask again from here on out that vampires keep their non-vampire partners, non-vampire arm candy, and blood dolls at home on this evening. Pocono Region Order of Vampires business is for kindred eyes and ears only. No Exceptions.

Vampires Only Event - Lazarus will be NPC staffed due to the confidential nature of PRoV business.

Important Note: January's Soiree will be kicking off the Vampire simwide storyline.

Jan. 14th @ 1:30PM SLT

Werewolves, their bonded mates, and Shifters are welcome to join us for this monthly gathering of discussion and mingling.

Want to see more upcoming events? Check out the Unnatural Calendar

Want to host an sim-wide or race only event? Submit your ideas HERE

Make sure after you submit to send a quick DM to Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) in-world or ryder_storms in Discord.


Weather Report


Starting January 9th and running until Jan 23rd. We are looking for winter themed photos of Unnatural. The top 3 most liked entries will receive L$1000 each. All photos used in advertising will be credited to the photographer.

Please read the entry guidelines carefully. Entry Guidelines:

  1. Photos must be taken on the Unnatural Sim and recognized as a location on sim.

  2. Photos may be touched up in a photo editor but NO AI PHOTOS

  3. Photographers MUST belong to at least one Unnatural in-world group.

  4. Only one entry per player.

  5. Photos can be posted in the Unnatural Discord Gallery in the contest thread, Unnatural Flickr Group, or submitted in-world to Leah Grave. Voting will be done via the website starting on Jan. 25th through Feb. 1st. A link will be provided when voting opens.

Because these photos will be used on the website and in future advertising, entries must be safe for work but can be creative. By entering this contest, you understand that your photo may be used on the Unnatural website or in other advertising. Make sure you mention in your description or title "UNWINTERPC" so we know which photos are considered entries. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Ryder Storms aka Leah Grave.



Hey Unnatural. Let's chat about chatting.

We have such a diverse rp community. Let’s try to stay focused on shared interests, hobbies, and creating positive interactions when engaging in OOC Group Chat in-world and the various channels in Discord. Treat each other with respect and understand that we all come from different places with different views. Let's remember to foster an environment of mutual respect. No discussions on politics, religion, no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, hate speech or overtly sexual themes.

If people seem uncomfortable with the subject, change it. Do not police chat. It will only lead to disagreements or hard feelings. Please reach out to a Community Lead if you feel a discussion needs moderation.

Enjoy your week Unnatural!

Kali (kaliope.karas) - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Pauleh - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Lexie Vaher - Community Lead

Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) - Community Lead

Fen Blacach (fen.syakumi) - Community Lead


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