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Unnatural Updates for the Week of 2.26.24

Updated: Mar 5

Things to do this week

Want to see more upcoming events? Check out the Unnatural Calendar 

Want to host an sim-wide or race only event? Submit your ideas HERE

Make sure after you submit to send a quick message to Ryder Storms in-world or in Discord..

Feb. 26 @ 5pm SLT

Foundations of Photography @ the University in Classroom A. We will be also meeting in the Auditorium in Discord to discuss homework assignments. ((OOC Note: You don't have to be on voice. This is to bring a visual element to the class. Must have a student discord tag to attend but anyone can join the class even if you missed last week!))

Feb. 27 @ 6pm SLT

A cocktail happy hour for residents of Ashmore who care to enjoy the upscale ambience of Lazarus during a two-hour period. Cocktails will be 25% off in general, 40% off the featured cocktail of the week. (RP only.) Standard Lazarus dress code applies during this event. A small weekly RP event.

Feb. 28 @ 5pm SLT

Welcome Wednesday is an OOC event where everyone is welcomed! Meet new and old roleplayers, ask questions about race, lore, or business. Learn about current storylines and how to get your character involved! Hosted at the Ashmore Lodge.

Feb. 28 @ 7pm SLT

The Social Club is an IC event desinged to help ease folks into RP, or help meet players one might not otherwise. Join us this week at the jewel of the sim, Ashmore Lodge for some fun card games! If question games flop, cards against humanity WILL be brought out! See you there

Mar. 7 @ 11am SLT

MMA style fight night at the Pump & Grind Fitness Center. The Veil strictly enforced. Prizes include cash ((rp only)), gym memberships and bragging rights. Reach out to lossehellin.resident for more information.

Mar. 10 @ 2:30pm SLT

New Moon Moots: A monthly gathering of the local werewolf population to decide on important matters. If there are no important matters the purpose is for socializing, inter-pack business, and introducing new wolves to the local population. Werewolves and their bonded mates are eligible to vote on topics. Shifter characters are welcome to attend and be involved in the discussions. * Any party is welcome to raise a topic for the Moot to discuss. Arrive from 2.30pm SLT for 3.00pm SLT start of proceedings. March's chairwolf is Ryder Millet (tristan.trellis)! Please raise any desired topics for the month with him or Vot (votucu.babii).


Weather Report



FAQ - Are the #journals and #gallery considered OOC or IC?

We see this question a lot in our Discord #support channel. Wolf Lore Keeper Vot recently answered this question:

Everything on discord is ooc but the gallery can be used ICly, eg social media posts which would be publicly available. If you're not sure, just ask the OP 🙂
Similarly the journals are ICly private - you wouldn't have public access to a journal. But there are race specific message boards which are accessed ICly

To add, if you are not sure if the information is for the general public, send a message to the author of the journal or owner of the gallery image.

Enjoy your leap into March! 😛

Kali (kaliope.karas) - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Pauleh - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Lexie Vaher - Community Lead

Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) - Community Lead

Fen Blacach (fen.syakumi) - Community Lead


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