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Unnatural Updates for the week of 8.14.23


PHOTO CONTEST VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Since all the entries were on Discord we kept the voting there as well. If you have an account and would like to vote here's the link! Voting ends on Wednesday!

8/16 Welcome Wednesday @ 11am SLT - Join us for this week's Welcome Wednesday hosted by your friendly local police department! Welcome Wednesday is a weekly OOC event for new players to the sim to connect, learn more about the sim and its lore, and chill out in a relaxed and welcoming environment! I hear there will be coffee and donuts!

8/17 @ 4pm SLT: Fight Club - Anyone who wishes to participate may ICly know of Fight Club either through word of mouth or due to seeing one of the ads online and around Ashmore. If you wish to become a member simply message Tadashir [Mike Jones] on either discord or in world. Send an IC text message or just stop by Bad Moon Saloon or the Junkyard.

Check individual race pages to see how your character responds during the full moon! /

>>Have an event you'd like to see on sim? Submit your ideas here: Make sure after you submit to send a quick DM to Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) in-world or ryder_storms in Discord.



8/23 @ 8pm SLT Welcome Wednesday - Party at the Waterborn house! Join us for two full hours of OOC chaos! Help us welcome our newest members to Ashmore, ask (or answer!) questions, meet other RPers you haven't hung with on sim yet, and just have fun! Bear Stillwater is hosting, so put on your fins or jump in your boats and come hang out!

August 26th and 27th (Blue Moon)



The weather isn't the only thing cooling off a bit in the town of Ashmore! It appears that the supernaturals have retreated to their corners to lick wounds or plot revenge. Mean while, business is booming! Ashmore landed it's first Mexican restaurant this week and for those who need some zen (looking at you wolves) a new yoga studio has opened promising to align chakras and help touch toes (looking at you APD)!

The calm won't stay long. A Super Blue Moon is on the horizon, guaranteed to amp up shit up again!



>>>University Role-play

Fall Semester will begin August 28th.

Have an idea for a Campus Club or looking to start a Greek chapter? Submit your proposal!

Campus Club:

Greek Chapter:

>>>Business Directory

If you'd like to see your business listed on the Ashmore Business Directory please take a minute to fill this form out:


RP TIP OF THE WEEK: Circle of Awareness

What is Circle of Awareness? It is paying attention to the RP happening around you. Does a player working as a waitress drop and shatter a glass while you dine at Vinny's? More than likely it would be something heard by all patrons in the area.

Another thing that comes into play here is to realize how reasonable it is for your character to be aware of things happening within CHAT RANGE and whether or not they can be heard or seen. For example, maybe your character is in a bar or a club. Across the room, two women sit at a table and they are talking. One of them EMOTES that she whispered, but because you are in chat range it does show up on your chat. Do you really think you character could hear that? Or maybe you are downstairs in one apartment, and someone upstairs says something. More than likely you cannot hear it.

Don't be shy to bring the environment around your character into your RP!

Namaste Unnatural!

Kali (kaliope.karas) - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Pauleh - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Lexie Vaher - Community Lead

Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) - Community Lead

Fen Blacach (fen.syakumi_ - Community Lead


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