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Unnatural Updates for the Week of 9.25.23

“Never jump in a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.” - Linus, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


9/27 @ 4pm-5:30pm SLT Welcome Wednesday - Extra Extra come read all about it! We are meeting at the Ashmore Gazette located inside City Hall. Warning: everything will be on the record! Hosted by Ryder Storms We're here to answer questions about lore, races, event ideas, and welcome you to Ashmore! Kick your shoes off and come on down! (Welcome Wednesdays are OOC events)

9/28 @ 4pm SLT Fight Club @ Scrap N' Save Salvage and Junkyard

Now through October - Pumpkin Patch fundraiser for wildlife conservation at the Ranger Station. APD will be 'manning' the stall, however at ANY time people can go out and interact/rp/get a pumpkin.

Full Moon Observance Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st: Extended since the true full moon is on a Friday. Make sure to check your race page on how the full moon effects you or talk to your race lore keeper!

>>Have an event you'd like to see on sim? Submit your ideas here: Make sure after you submit to send a quick DM to Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) in-world or ryder_storms in Discord.



>>>10/2 The City of Ashmore will hold its Fall Jobs' Fair on Monday, October 2nd from 10am to 10pm! Come down and meet local businesses, agencies and departments and explore full-time jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities from across Ashmore!

The Fall Jobs' Fair is sponsored by the City of Ashmore, in cooperation with the Emergency Services Commission and the Chamber of Commerce. Meet members of the Ashmore Fire Department, learn about their vital work and how you can get involved as a volunteer firefighter or EMT!

Businesses can sign up here:

Your next career could be just around the corner.

>>>Friday Oct. 13 the Killers and Camp Counselor Party at Ashmore Lodge (Hosted by Spellbound)

>>>Lazarus hosts Applefest ALL DAY Oct. 22

What is Applefest?

Applefest is a yearly village-wide food, entertainment and crafts fair, taking place in several towns in Canada, the United States and England.

What happens at Applefest?

Apple bobbing, apple-pie-baking and eating contests, a 5k race, apple cider (both soft and hard cider/apple moonshine), self care vendor, a car show, arts and crafts vendors, music and entertainment. Everything you can think of involving apples, it’ll be there.

More details to come!



FYI: Golden showers bring citations and fines, at least in public.

Health reports from APD show a rise in diabetes with the amount of donut deliveries from citizens. Perhaps some fall apples or pumpkin power bites could be a great treat for our law men and women.

Seems there has been no head way on the treaty negations. Tshirts will start being sold soon for you to decide if your team #badmoon or #teamlazarus.

Get those cameras ready! The announcement for the Fall photo contest will be made by the end of the week!



>>>Do You Have What It Takes?

Ashmore Fire Department is now hiring Volunteer Firefighters. Serve your community in your spare time, gain world class training and experience with state of the art equipment and make a difference.

Full-time FF/EMT positions are also available. Apply today!

>>>Interested in being a business owner/manager?

There are several sim-owned business that are available. To claim the business send a notecard with the business and your proposal to a Community Leader. Be sure to include community event ideas and ways you think you can help promote your business.

>>>Do you want to serve and protect your community?

Do you have an infinity for coffee and donuts! Then the Ashmore Police Department may be your calling! Pick up your application at the front desk of the APD or visit the

>>>Does the sight of blood fascinate you?

Enjoy giving sponge baths? Have an outrageous amount of medical school debt? Well Ashmore Health is looking for CNA's, Nurses, Doctors, and other medical professions. Visit the front desk at Ashmore Health to apply!


ROLEPLAY INSIGHTS OF THE WEEK: Making every prim count!

Just rented that cute apartment on Maple St. and you start unpacking but before you know it, you're out of prim!

Here are a few tips to help manage prim count when you want to squeeze a hog into a dress:

Link your mesh prims. There is some physics to why this work but we won't be explaining it here. Just think of it as magic. BUT also pay attention. Depending on the mesh prim, there may be a wonky one that when link creates the LI to increase.

Resize mesh prim. Again, there's math. But resizing can either add or take away from LI so keep an eye out for that.

Shop low prim! We are on a roleplay sim so think of it as stage dressing rather that setting up your homestead. For affordable options check out the weekend sales around the grid. There are some great finds!

Remember your prim etiquette! Staying within your prim limit allows us to do more with the space we have, host unique events, and lets your fellow renters make full use of their allocation. If you put something extra out like a vehicle, make sure you pick it up after rping.

You can click on your rental box to keep track of your prim count or ask a community leader to help you figure it out!

Enjoy your week Unnatural!

Kali (kaliope.karas) - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Pauleh - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Lexie Vaher - Community Lead

Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) - Community Lead

Fen Blacach (fen.syakumi) - Community Lead


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