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Unnatural Updates for the week of May 29th


>>>Full Moon Observation June 3rd and 4th

>>>Douglas Workforce Consulting Job Fair set to run June 11th, 2023, at 11am SLT in the town square!

Come to town square and see what Ashmore's finest businesses have to offer. Businesses that wish to participate must sign up by June 4th. Reach out to Lachlan Douglas (lossehellin)


June 10th Noon to 2pm SLT - The Fishing Hole Bar & Grill will be having their very first monthly Ashmore cookout. There will be food, swimming, fishing, boating, and (possibly) live music. Everyone in town (all races) will be invited to enjoy what the Fishing Hole Bar and Grill has to offer, and because it’s a cookout, residents and business owners can also bring a dish to the event. It will be the perfect time for residents to meet other locals and spread a little “hot goss.”

Simwide Roleplay

What is The Veiled Council?

The Veiled Council only deals with veils breaks. It is not a governing group and will not be imposing new laws. The laws of Ashmore remain the laws of Ashmore. APD will still handle all other crimes committed in Ashmore.

Races will deal with the minor veil breaks, issue through their council, factions, and orders. Veil Breaks that are more extreme and involve more people will gain the attention of The Veiled Council. The Veil Council is the last line of defense before more sinister governing bodies try to take control of Ashmore and all it's races.


>What if I don't consent to consequences?

While Unnatural operates primarily as a consent-based roleplay environment, and we ask that players respect the limits of others, it is important to note that the "right-to-life" is not absolute, and that limits do not provide utter immunity from consequences; consequences that may include death. Simply put, if you do not wish for death to be inflicted upon your character, it would be wise not to put them in a situations that could likely result in their untimely demise.

For example, if you were to walk into a bar and open fire on the patrons within, you might reasonably be expected to be shot at - either by understandably upset bar-goers, or the equally irate police who show up. Knowingly putting your character into a situation that could reasonably result in their death forfeits all right-to-life and player limits.

>What will the consequences be and who will decide them?

As the Lore states punishments are given for Veil breaks. These punishment range from minor to extreme. These extreme punishments can be an IC death, Exile from Ashmore and/or binding powers. The extreme punishments are approved by the community leads before being given in-character.

Simwide Information:

>>>University Role-play

Want to get involved with role-play at the University with out having to be a student? We have a few options for you!

RP being an alumni - Say you went to the great University of Northern Pennsylvania and help out a school events

RP being a booster - Boosters range from businesses to parents whose students attend. Throw money at fund-raisers and events!

Teach a community class - ie. Self-defense, wood working, cooking, etc.

For more information or a group invite feel free to reach out to Dean Benjamin Richards (hakumen) or Professor Ryder Storms (ryderstorms)

>>>Business Directory

If you'd like to see your business listed on the Ashmore Business Directory please take a minute to fill this form out:

>>>Event Submissions

Have an event you'd like to see on sim? Submit your ideas here:

RP TIP OF THE WEEK: Are you sure you've read all the rules?

Rules are subject to change when deemed necessary. We send out notices in-world as well as make announcements in Discord.

This week we encourage you to take a peek at our website and look over the rules and if you need further clarification please don't hesitate to reach out to a Community Lead.

Enjoy your week Unnatural!

Kali (kaliope.karas) - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Pauleh - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Lexie Vaher - Community Lead

Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) - Community Lead


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