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Unnatural Updates for the Week of May 5th


What We Do in the Shadows (Discord)

Join us May 13th, at 11am SLT in the discord (and in world at the movie theatre!) for a live streaming of episodes 4, 5 and 6 of What We Do in the Shadows, a continuation from April 30th when we watched the first three.

Please either set your mic to "push to talk" or mute yourself. We can chit chat in the voice channel's text chat.

If you are nervous about joining a voice chat, have no fear! You can both "mute" and "deafen" on discord and still watch the stream!

Captions will be on (but remind me, I forgot until part way through).

Redrum Fashion Show - Sunday May 14th 6-8pm SLT

Attention Ashmore! REDRUM, the ultimate destination for the Kinkiest and Wildest night out you'll ever have, will be hosting a FETISH FASHION SHOW in the Play Room. The club already known for breaking area attendance records and scandalizing the neighborhood is back with another certified banger of an event! This is an open casting call for MODELS for the fashion show! Inquire at the Club to get signed up!



Douglas Workforce Consulting


Welcome to Ashmore's twice yearly DWC Job Fair set to run June 11th, 2023, at 11am SLT in the town square!

Come to town square and see what Ashmore's finest businesses have to offer.

We are proud to announce that this Fair's Focus Business is...

Ashmore Police Department (Service, Integrity, Respect)

The APD will have the coveted spot in the center of the central park. Do you have what it takes to work with Ashmore's bravest men and women? Stop by their booth for a free donut and get all your questions answered.

═ⒹⓌⒸ═╬ Individuals ╬═○═

Are you seeking work? thinking of a career change? or perhaps just interested in free swag? All are valid reasons to stop by the DWC Job Fair and see what Ashmore can offer you!

If you would like to register through Douglas Workforce Consulting as available to work, reach out to Lasse Berkhoff ((awkwarddsilence.resident)) to book an appointment today!

═ⒹⓌⒸ═╬ Businesses ╬═○═

Do you own or run a business in Ashmore? Would you like to showcase your business at the DWC Job Fair? Reach out to Lachlan Douglas ((lossehellin.resident)) to book a booth today.


Cherry Blossom Festival

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Cherry Blossom Festival. As you all know, it did go out with a bang.

There are IC reasons the event ended with a veil break. A Supernatural Council is being set up with representatives (lore keepers) from each race.

Over the next couple of weeks, you will see how this all unfolds. Just know, future veil breaks will lead to in character consequences.

Make sure to keep checking notices and discord for updates!

University Role-play

Want to get involved with role-play at the University with out having to be a student? We have a few options for you!

RP being an alumni - Say you went to the great University of Northern Pennsylvania and help out a school events

RP being a booster - Boosters range from businesses to parents whose students attend. Throw money at fund-raisers and events!

Teach a community class - ie. Self-defense, wood working, cooking, etc.

For more information or a group invite feel free to reach out to Dean Benjamin Richards (hakumen) or Professor Ryder Storms (ryderstorms)

RP TIP OF THE WEEK: Posting in and out of a scene

When entering a scene.. wait one post round to see what is happening in the scene before entering.. People could be fighting or making whoopie and walking in and saying hello can provide an awkward moment or your character getting punched in the a face.

You cannot post in and out in the same post. You must wait 1 post round for people to react to you entering before exiting the scene.

You hear nothing until you post in. Even if you wait the post round, you cannot claim any knowledge of the scene until after you have posted in.

Also, sometimes you enter a scene where people are deep in conversation or something is happening in which they may not react to your post. Just like in RL this can happen. Don't get upset when it does. Post a few rounds or directly ask another player a questions. You can also IM the player(s) to see when it would be best to enter their scene. (Sitting there looking around may not get your character any attention)

Enjoy your week Unnatural

Community Leads


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