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UNP Ashmore classes go in interesting directions

by Warren Saydenworth

The Fall Semester is in full effect with classes that range the gamut of the spectrum of Liberal Arts curricula. The local campus offers a wide range of studies for those wishing to expand and broaden their horizons, full of enrichment courses and academic bailiwicks. But unique to the local campus are also specialist courses looking at unusual intersectionalism. This approach affords the local campus a modernity unlike the other campuses of North America.

A cross section of these intriguing intellectual courses are as follows:

Explorations in Religious Archaelogy, as taught by Dr. Theo Strong, aims to lead the students through the process of recovering, recreating, and understanding a wide range of religious practices through archaeological evidence. Lectures deliver current best practices. Discussions open the students up to lively debate. Hands-on projects immerse the students in the process.

Exploring Psychology through Cultural Narratives, as delivered by Dr. River Reign, takes the learning student body down the path of intersectionalism between the psychology, and sociology, and the embedded imagery and shorthands of cultural mythos. Mythological archtypes, anthropology, folklore and social constructs all play a part in the living psychological consciousness of a people, and this course disects those interplays to give understanding and insight into how that exchange occurs.

History and Historical Source Analysis, as instructed by Professor James Rennes, explores the fascinating meta-analysis of how we learn history, how it is given context, and how we confirm our findings while trying to avoid bias. The nature of historical favoritism and the mistakes made in trusting written records, or rather how the context of written records informs existing bias are major features of the course curriculum.

Music and Mathematics, delivered by Dr. Benjamin Mobius, brings the complicated interplay of mathematical systems into the world of musical constructs. The nature of how these two systems overlap and perhaps inform one another centers the course and will broaden students as to the fascinating juxtaposition of the creative and analytical minds.

Parapsychology and the Paranormal, as instructed by Dr. Walter Fevren, explores the commonly dismissed fields of the paranormal with a surgical and inclusive mindset, utilizing critical thinking, thorough research skills, and historical references to put the modern influence of popular culture into line with a devoted and disciplined study of the unexplained. All of these courses join the usual bedrock of academic fundamentals on the docket to improve not only local Ashmore citizens lives, but improve the fabric of our country at large. The pursuit of higher learning alone is a worthwhile goal, but the University recognizes that all work and no play makes a student into a dulled blade. Greek life is also alive and well in Ashmore. Starting this Saturday evening, at 3pm SLT, the Fraternity Gamma Theta Tau will be hosting an inaugural party to welcome higher learning students to the Bachanalian revels of Greek Academic kinship. In true secret society fashion, the party requires a password to gain entrance, and this reporter has it. If you want it, come and claim it. Bettering yourself shouldn't be joyless. Come on, Ashmore. Drink, Laugh, Be Merry. Enrich yourself and your glass.


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