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Warm Hearts and Hearty Bowls: Ashmore Fire Department's Winter Survival and Chili Extravaganza

In the midst of winter's icy grip, the Ashmore Fire Department, in collaboration with the Park's Office, recently hosted a Winter Survival and Chili event that not only warmed the hearts of attendees but also provided essential safety tips for navigating the cold season.

The event, held at the cozy Ashmore Fire Department, saw a remarkable turnout, demonstrating the town's strong sense of community and a collective eagerness to learn about staying safe in the winter months.

As attendees shuffled in, escaping the brisk winter air, they were greeted by the comforting aroma of simmering chili and the camaraderie of friends and neighbors. The scent of a crackling fire and the promise of a warm meal created an inviting atmosphere that transcended the chill outside.

Behind the scenes, the Commission of Emergency Services played a pivotal role in bringing this educational and community-building event to life.

Cassius Leifsson, a probationary member of the Ashmore Fire Department, expressed the importance of community outreach and education. "The APD and the AFD, under the stalwart leadership of the Commission of Emergency Services, are very serious about keeping our citizens safe. A lot of that involves prevention," Leifsson emphasized. "Just like Smokey Bear tells us, only we can prevent forest fires. Winter weather, including the extreme cold we recently experienced, can cause fatalities that are easily avoidable with a little bit of education. And hey, free food is no slouch, right?"

The Winter Survival portion of the event included valuable tips on staying safe in frigid temperatures. EMS Morgan Morgan stressed the significance of not attempting to drink snow by melting it in your mouth during a stranding situation. "Your head is where most of your body heat is lost. It will melt down, but it will cost you valuable degrees from your core temp."

Ranger Arthur Miller added, "Moreover, don't sit still the whole time you are hunkered down. Get up and stomp, or do jumping jacks to increase your body temp every little bit."

He also mentioned that over 1400 plus people getting lost in the woods across the continental United States. "Ashmore's numbers of course don't reach that amount but ours do contribute to those numbers." Miller continues, "I myself have already helped a citizen make it back to the city after getting turned around not far from the Quarry. If you are planning on going hiking in the woods it is always a good idea to check the weather report so that you are dressing appropriately for the weather."

Following the educational segment, the aroma of various chili recipes filled the air, making it a challenge for attendees to decide if they were Team Ranger or Team AFD.

As the votes were tallied, the excitement reached its peak. The winner of the chili cook-off, and the proud recipient of the coveted title, is both The Rangers and AFD, earning them both the admiration of the community and the bragging rights that come with crafting the best chili in Ashmore.

In the end, the Winter Survival and Chili event left a lasting impression on Ashmore residents – not just for the delicious chili but for the invaluable safety knowledge shared within the warm embrace of community togetherness.


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