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Weekly Horoscope (2/27/2023 to 03/5/2023)

As Winter continues to wane, the month of February offers further opportunities and insight as we move into March. Venus is aligned with Jupiter this week ushering in harmonious relationships across family, friends, co-workers, and lovers. Now is the time to pursue that crush or even propose to your current love! It is also the time to ask for that promotion at work or make business deals with others.


Aries, but be mindful of those seeking to take advantage of your good nature. While your relationships blossom later in the week, there are those who may seek to take advantage of your nature.


This is definitely a feel-good week for you. It's also a productive week. You're willing to work hard and you're also willing to spend the money to get what you want.


Oh my! It doesn't get much better than this. The Sun is sitting at the top of your chart, casting you in a flattering spotlight. Gemini, you’ve never been more beautiful. Buy that new outfit, get that hairstyle you’ve been putting off. Venus and lucky Jupiter are lined up in your House of Friendships, promoting warm, wonderful interactions with everyone. Meanwhile, fiery Mars is still in your sign boosting your energy and confidence. Make your move!


The celestial heavens shine upon you. People see you as successful, charming and capable. You will attract favors and money to you. You definitely have the ability to push through a deal or reach for the impossible. Meanwhile, the Sun continues to urge you to travel and explore opportunities in medicine, the law, higher education, publishing and the media. Do something different to expand your world!


Now’s the time for you to travel. Take a day trip to the Lake, a drive to the city, or hop on a plane and visit somewhere new. You'll enjoy meeting people and hanging out with groups whether they're the locals or colleagues at a conference. Some of you might strike up a romance with someone from another culture or a different country. Leo, you thrive in connecting with others. Now is the time to forge new connections.


Mars at the top of your chart continues to arouse your ambition and give you the energy to go after what you want. You definitely prefer to be your own boss right now. To maximize your potential, make sure to read the room. You don’t want to come in heavy. Now is the time for you to make those investments as Jupiter and Venus align in your House of Fortune. Virgo, you are passionate this week. Make sure you take care to nurture your body emotionally while you nurture others physically.


Your ruler Venus will be lined up with Jupiter opposite you promoting fun-loving, warm relations with partners, spouses and close friends. While this is true for all signs, this is Libra’s time to make waves. All uncertainty and doubt are cast aside as you take charge. You shine as a Leader, Libra.


This is the perfect week for you to work hard and party hard. All your efforts to work with others and achieve what you want will be successful because both Venus and Jupiter are planets associated with money and success and they are in your House of Employment. You can't go wrong. The Sun is high on your chart. Use this to your advantage and show off your charming side. If you’re not hooked up with someone, find a Virgo this week. Trust me.


Be bold about going after new love. You might travel for a good time - a quick vacation or tickets to a concert in another city. Meanwhile, short trips and chances to learn something new through courses or training programs will intrigue you. If you don’t already have them, now is the time to begin your family (but only if you’re ready!) with your partner. Jupiter aligned with Venus is your most harmonious time within the home.


Elusive Capricorn, those around you are looking to you for sage wisdom and sound direction. Your natural leadership skills mean it’s time for you to put them to use as you guide those close to you towards the coming Spring. Meanwhile, you are inspired by beauty this week. Use this to find your inner peace. With Jupiter and Venus aligned, now is the time to look back on any bridges burnt. If you’re missing that person, now is the time to reconnect.


This is a busy, fun-loving week for you. With Mercury in your sign, you're ready to talk to everyone; however, quite likely, your mind will jump from topic to topic very quickly because your focus of attention will change constantly. Get out and travel if you can because this will stimulate you. If you want to make new relationships last during this period, you’ll need to keep your focus and take it slow despite the rise of positive energy.


The two planets that are associated with money (Venus and Jupiter) are both lined up in your Money House. (It doesn't get better than this.) Not only can you boost your income or get richer in some way, you might buy things that really please you. Make the splurge, Pisces. Buy that gift they’ve been wanting to truly dazzle your lover with and secure their hearts for the long haul. What you do this week will ensure your successes in the coming year.


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