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Welcome to Unnatural

We close out the year 2022 with the revival of Unnatural, a modern supernatural sim that's set in the picturesque Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

We decided to do a soft opening for the sim because though there were a few things unfinished we had put up Christmas decorations as we were building, and I was determined to open the sim so everyone could enjoy them for the few remaining days of December.

Unnatural's History

Towards the tail end of 2017, we created Unnatural with the simple goal of focusing on Humans, Vampires, and Werewolves, in an attempt to do them well. Sometime after that, we released our take on witches, the Phral.

Despite the popularity of Unnatural, or perhaps because of it, I (Pauleh) made some bad decisions and attempted to create a second roleplay sim that would focus on Medieval Fantasy. Unfortunately, this dragged out, money was wasted, and with the slow decline of rentals, we never opened the Medieval Fantasy sim and had to close Unnatural.

Fast forward to 2020, we revived Unnatural and reVAMPed it, as I like to say. Things were going well, we added the Shifters to our lore, and then Covid hit. While we were managing at the time, I discovered my Mom had cancer, and shortly after that, I made the decision to close the sim as my focus was now on my Mom.

Snow covered town of Ashmore

What's to come

The forest level of Unnatural is open to the public but is still undergoing construction. While most of it is there, we have a few spots that require some landscaping as well as some additional buildings and caves we want to add. This shouldn't take all that long to finish up and I expect it to be done within a few days of the New Year.

Ashmore University is currently on its winter break but enrollment will be opening up soon. We are on the lookout for anyone that would like to teach classes or act as staff within the University, note that any business could come in as a guest speaker to talk about what they do, what they offer, etc.

Horizon will be making a return, albeit with some changes from the last incarnation. This time Horizon will have three sides to it. When we introduced Horizon we had also remodeled our hospital, with the backstory that Horizon had had a hand in that. We are keeping that as a public face for Horizon, where the general public (and the IRS), can see it as a benevolent, nationwide healthcare network that revitalizes healthcare facilities and increases the quality of care in whatever community they come into.

The second side acts as the guardians of the veil, meant to be a special secret task force, dealing with anyone that threatens to expose supernaturals to the world or supernaturals that go feral and attack humans. This aspect allows us to loosely implement Hunters as they are always requested by a few players and we feel that this is the best way to incorporate them into our version of a modern supernatural sim.

The last side of Horizon will be shrouded in secrecy to the public and to the 'guardian' side of Horizon itself. This will be the 'evil' side, as a simple way of putting it, their goal is to kidnap, experiment, weaponize and unlock the secrets of supernaturals, utilizing the other “sides” to gain information/intelligence on Supernatural activities. This is the same side that caused the Chimeras to exist, a danger that is still active in the forests around Ashmore.

The Ashmore Gazette (IC Newspaper) will make a return, now integrated into the website. If anyone is interested in becoming a contributor then contact Kali (Kaliope Karas) in world.

The website, though accessible, is still under construction, so keep your eyes peeled for new content.

In closing

We'll be posting news regularly to keep everyone updated on what's happening around the sim, site, and discord.

Don't forget we have a Discord server that we invite everyone too as well as a Flickr group that is in need of updated pictures from around the sim.

Last, but not least, I'd like to extend a big thank you to all the staff at Unnatural who have helped make this possible, as well as all the players that are now able to set foot in our world to share and create stories.

Thank you.


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