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Wild Wolf Attacks Spread To Town Center

ASHMORE, PA - Ashmore is no stranger to wildlife attacks since it is nestled near several migratory paths and breeding grounds for many different species. Recently, however, there have been reports of attacks within the town most notably in front of the Police Station and in the alleyways near City Square.

The first victim, Svitlana, was badly injured with deep wounds and a dislocated elbow, left in shock and warning of a large wolf that she swore was initially a man. Witnesses claim that it seemed to be a dark colored giant wolf-dog.

The second victim, Ryen Madden, was attacked twice in the same day and has confirmed that the animal was a dark, black wolf that seemed to track her to town after initially attacking her in the woods. The second attack occurred in the alley behind Pocono Bros, a common area used by residents where the wolf left her nearly unconscious before it was scared off.

City Officials have not yet found a cause for these attacks, but are working with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources closely to resolve the issue. Be on the lookout and don’t approach any unknown dogs or wildlife and be sure to carry protection, especially when in the Ashmore forests. DCNR PA suggests to avoid carrying meat and to carry knives, airhorns or bear spray while in the woods and to remember following if you are faced with an aggressive wolf:

Stare at the wolf and begin scare tactics immediately. NEVER run or turn your back. Aggressively lunge at it while raising your arms, and clapping and waving them in the air to make yourself appear larger. Retreat slowly if possible to safety or a tree that is quickly climbable (wolves cannot climb trees), but continue with the aggressive tactics. Stay close to others in order to make yourself a larger, more intimidating opponent. Stand your ground in the case of an attack and fight with any means possible. Use noise makers (i.e. air horns), bear spray, knives, guns, throw sticks, bags, rocks or sand at the wolf, to scare it away


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