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Woman Convicted of Double Murder Opens Up About Her Tragic Past

In a candid and eye-opening interview, we sit down with Sera Whitlock, a felon, to discuss her new journey from conviction to redemption.

On May 18th, 2023 Sera Whitlocke was booked into Ashmore Police Department and charged with two Felony accounts of First Degree Murder and was recently released on parole.

Whitlocke didn't have an ideal upbringing. She was sexually abused by her adoptive father starting at the age of 13 which led to her running away at the age of 18 straight into the arms of her second second victim, who she had met at the age of 16 and started his own abuse of Whitlocke.

When asked why did she brutally murdered and mangled their bodies, Whitlocke shared, "I didn't plan to hurt them. The first man, Javier, was my adoptive father. He stalked me and found me here in Ashmore. I was taking my morning jog when he just sort of showed up. He was shouting at me and backed me into a tree, had me pinned and I feared for my life. He had always told me if I ran away he would kill me and I believed in those moments. I was fighting for my life."

Shortly after the death of her adoptive father, Sera confronted Daniel, the abusive boyfriend, whose body was discovered deceased in her apartment.

When asked if she was justified in taking both men's lives, Whitlocke commented, "I think a part of me knew I would get caught, yes. Like I said it wasn't like I planned to kill those men, I'm not a criminal at all let alone a murderer. I wouldn't know the beginning of trying to get away with a crime like that. If I am completely honest with you. I think even a small part of me wanted to get caught. It wasn't the right way to handle it.

Lieutenant Abd Al-Rahman of the Ashmore Police Department was asked about why Whitlocke was eligible for early parole. "Sera Whitlocke had a long and traumatic history with these victims. She had restraining orders and suffered physical, mental, and sexual abuse since she was a child. It was an unfortunate upbringing, and despite the crimes showing passion in the self defense, it is still self defense."

Whitlocke commented on her early release, "Do I believe my story was an excuse to get a shortened sentence? No. No excuse. But I am not a lawyer nor am I a woman of the law. Clearly those people thought differently and I will forever be grateful for the treatment, the understanding, and the kindness Ashmore Police Department showed me."

Lieutenant Abd Al-Rahman will help oversee Whitlocke's rehabilitation and helping her integrate back into society. The plan includes mentorship, parole, local case manager, and requirements to continue to follow up on therapy that was initially started while she was serving time.

When asked about her future, Whitlocke replied, "I honestly wish I had an answer for that question. I don’t know what I plans I might have for the future. I’m still quite young, I have even legally drink yet. I never thought I would actually be able to settle down and stop running in my life. Maybe I’ll actually try to finish school, pick up hobbies. Right now I really just want to focus on work though and getting back on my feet."

If you have been sexually assaulted or know someone who is a victim of sexual assault, you can reach out to the Ashmore Police Department or call 1-800-656-HOPE.


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