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Come experience an alternate reality where the supernatural walks among us, living a secret life.



Nestled somewhere in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania lies the almost-forgotten town of Ashmore. 

Back in the 70s, some would say that Ashmore was one of Pennsylvania's best-kept secrets.

Hidden in the mountains away from the rest of the world, the town was quaint, with quaint little shops and a quaint, clean motel. 


Lake Ashmore was great for fishing, boating, skiing, and swimming in the summer, and close enough to the slopes that drew the skiers and snowboarders that made the Poconos so famous, at a fraction of the cost.  Who needs a heart-shaped hot tub anyway?

But Ashmore never grew enough to compete with the other trendy resorts (like “Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge” - if you know you know!), and sadly, between the closing down of the quarry and the Pocono’s decline in popularity in the ’80s and ’90s, Ashmore never fully pulled out of the slump.

Yet Ashmore has another secret.


It has been a mecca for supernatural creatures for decades. Walking among us every day. Bagging your groceries, suturing cuts, or leading the town.

Whatever the reason, the supernaturals seem to be drawn to Ashmore. Maybe it's because the unassuming ‘sleepy little town’ is so sheltered by the mountains. Perhaps it’s the mysterious deep crevice at the bottom of the Lake Ashmore. Or the draw of power from ley lines that can create entrances to other realms.

But the veil between the mundane and unnatural world is thin. Humans who know, know enough to keep their mouths shut, and those that don't might find out what happens when you tell their Unnatural secrets!

Meet the Citizens of Ashmore

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