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Rules for unnatural

Last Updated: December 19, 2023


Welcome to Unnatural’s rules - We’ve done our best to keep these clear and concise, but these rules are subject to change as we deem necessary. Updates will be shared with the community via Discord and in-world notices.


Privately Owned Sim

Linden Lab Terms of Service (TOS) and Community Standards apply at all times. However, Unnatural is a privately owned sim, and as such, these rules, as laid out on this page, must be abided. While Unnatural’s sims are open to the public, they remain in private ownership, and we reserve the right to deny entry to any person at any time as deemed necessary. 



  • Player 

    • That's you! The OOC individual behind the keyboard, look at you go!

  • Account 

    • Your SL account.

  • Character 

    • Your IC manifestation, that badass! You can have multiple characters (currently two per Account), each with their own story, personality, and individual needs and wants.

  • NPCs

    • Non-Player Characters, or NPCs, are any character that is not controlled by a player. See ‘NPCs’ for more.

Be Cool!

Roleplay, have fun, don’t be a jerk. That’s it, that’s the most important rule. The rest of the rules outlined here are to ensure that roleplay follows a common lore and that disputes can be easily resolved. Bending the rules, finding loopholes, and pushing limits ruin the fun for everyone. Don’t do it. 


The Lore

When you first join Unnatural, you agree to follow these rules and the sim lore. Sim Lore allows everyone to relate to a common theme and traits.

Two (2) Characters per Account

We don’t care how many “alts” you bring, and you do not need to disclose them, of course, but you may only play two (2) characters per SL Account.  Please be mindful of possible conflicts of interest between characters and situations where metagaming could occur.  


Storylines and information must be distinct per character. Players may not share storylines or information between their characters that could be considered metagaming. Example: You may not be both the victim and the perpetrator of the same crime or be the police officer investigating your alt's crime. All stories must be kept separate and individual.  Any issues arising from this could result in the loss of a player’s ability to run multiple characters.

Adult Human-like Avatars Only

No child avatars or underage players ever. Simple. Ageplay, CSAM, or anything related will result in an immediate ban. All avatars must be realistic and human-looking, even for non-human races when in human form. That means no furries, anthropomorphic, cartoon, or anime avatars are permitted.  Pregnancy, NPC prim babies, and child NPCs (off-screen) are permitted. If your character’s age is questionable, Unnatural’s administrators reserve the right to seek clarification and alteration. 


Unnatural is an adult sim with adult situations. While NPC children are permitted, at no time and under no circumstance is any roleplay allowed that causes harm, physical or otherwise, to children, which includes feeding or turning of NPC children. In the case of pregnancy, do not RP harm or abrupt/spontaneous termination when it involves other characters without clear and explicit agreement on the outcome or IC consequences for all those involved in the story/scene.  For example, do not roleplay that another character’s actions caused a miscarriage without OOC discussions and agreement.

No Disruptive Gestures or Attachments

Gestures, attachments, or objects that create excessive or disruptive sound or that spam chat, including objects in your rental unit, vehicle, or body, are prohibited. Be courteous to your fellow players and avoid excessive scripts that may cause lag. If found, you will be asked to remove them.


Keep it IC

Roleplay is meant to be fun; even if your character is a jerk, don’t be one in OOC spaces. That said, the use of blatantly offensive language (‘slurs’) attacking another player’s race, sexuality, religion, national origin, disability, or age is prohibited IC and OOC - No matter how much of a jerk your character is, such language is not tolerated. IC animosity and conflict do not equal OOC animosity and conflict.  


Be Respectful

Be OOC respectful to other players when discussing IC.  While we understand that certain scenarios, characters, stereotypes, and personality types are completely plausible and happen in real life, we ask our players to refrain from roleplaying sensitive real-life issues that might offend other players. 


The use of blatantly offensive language (‘slurs’) attacking another player’s race, sexuality, religion, national origin, disability, or age is prohibited IC and OOC - No matter how much of a jerk your character is, such language is not tolerated. Playing a character that hurls racist insults at vampires and werewolves (think True Blood “fanger,” “fang-banger”) is okay.  Playing a character that is bigoted and hateful towards the LGBTQIA+ community or other human races is not okay.  


Bad Things Happen

Consider your environment. Murder, theft, rape, prostitution, human trafficking, bombings, kidnapping, drugs, etc are all admissible in RP.  If any of these situations (or similar) are a problem for you, please take steps to avoid them.  Be clear about your limits and respect other people’s limits.



Bad things happen to good people, sure, but even more bad things happen to bad people. Unnatural is a consent-based sim and asks others to respect limits; however, players may not use this fact to hide behind their "right to life" or their own limits to get out of consequences, nor should they expect other players to unfairly compromise their characters to accommodate those limits. By involving your character in a situation where they may come to harm, say, by picking a fight or robbing a business, you are consenting to the potential of injury or worse - Should you wish for your character to remain unharmed, the player should not place their characters in a situation where harm could be reasonably expected; similarly, if you do not want your character to die, do not put them in a situation where death is a likely outcome. Don't skip in a minefield and be surprised when a landmine goes off. 


Players are asked to abide by a simple rule: ICA = ICC, that is, In-Character Actions have In-Character Consequences. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. And that time might be forever.



Consent is sexy, but when we talk about consent in an RP lens, we're talking mostly about communication OOCly. Gaining consent from other players is as easy as sliding into their DMs and engaging in conversation - Ask questions, give and take, and craft epic stories together. Consent is everything here in Unnatural, and is hugely important to keeping everyone happy and informed and creates amazing stories in turn. Consent, consent, consent!


All actions that may affect other characters or their property (including their NPCs, rental property, or place of business) require consent from the business owner or leader.

RP Etiquette
RP Etiquette is Mandatory

This Sim is geared towards para-RP and semi-para-RP. Please review the following definitions. 


  • Para-RP/Semi-Para RP

    • Posts should be in paragraph form, including narrative (descriptions of actions, facial expressions, etc) and/or dialogue that other players can react to.

  • No Metagaming

    • Just the absolute worst. This is when a player gains information OOC and uses it ICly when they would otherwise not know something or have access to that information.

  • No Godmodding

    • Like you, the Player, your character is squishy, affected by actions and their environment. Godmodding is when a player ignores the actions of others or assumes actions on another player's (or NPC’s) behalf, like punches landing or when the player dodges everything that comes at them. RP is intended to be a balanced storytelling experience - Give a few hits, take a few hits. It's more fun for everyone.

  • No Powergaming

    • Creating overpowered characters or RPing situations that put your character at an unfair advantage over others

  • Follow Post Order

    • Each player takes a turn posting; players wait their turn to post.

  • Thought Posts

    • Use with discretion.  Negative thought posts with no actions, expressions, or dialogue to accompany the thoughts are highly discouraged and frowned upon.


Residential and Business rentals are private property.   Do not enter without consent/RP. You can't rob, destroy, vandalize, etc, a rented property without the owner’s consent OOCly.  For more information on rentals, see RENTAL RULES



Unnatural does not use combat HUDs. No meters or metered combat is permitted. Dice HUDs are optional. 


All combat must be conducted through roleplay and requires a minimum number of posts to allow players to react; for example, firearms require a minimum of 3 posts (think: draw, aim, fire) and a minimum of 2 posts for melee weapons. 


Weapons are limited to those that could reasonably be acquired in the State of Pennsylvania, such as handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns, and reasonable melee weapons ONLY. High-powered weapons, such as assault rifles, are tightly controlled and must be acquired through roleplay. Ballistic vests/body armor are permitted but may only absorb two hits. See the COMBAT GUIDE for more information. 


Groups, Packs, Covens, Gangs, Employee Groups etc.

You are permitted to create your own groups for your organization, such as a gang, pack, business, etc. However, you may not use the word ‘Unnatural’ or any symbols, graphics, icons, or language that may be seen as an ‘official’ endorsement by Unnatural’s staff.



Or Non-Player Characters may only be used sparingly.  We understand that NPCs are a regular part of roleplay, and you may create some family members, attendants at shops, and the general population. Attempting to control an NPC you do not own is considered Godmodding. You may not have NPCs that create an unfair advantage for your character, and all use of NPCs must be plausible for the scene. The Unnatural Administration reserves the right to create and utilize NPCs as needed or to approve or deny the use of personal NPCs.



Ashmore Health

Any medical information shared during roleplay interactions is purely for entertainment purposes and should not be considered professional medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for accurate guidance and information regarding health-related concerns or conditions. Unnatural, its staff, associates, assigned designees, or representatives are not liable for any action or inaction taken based on roleplay content.


If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat US & International Resources:


Rental Rules

Rental Rules
Rental Agreement




Rental Rules
  • Rentals in Unnatural are handled automatically by CasperLet.  Tenants are automatically evicted 24 hours after rent is due, during which time CasperLet will send numerous notifications to the renter.  After 24 hours, if the player has no other rentals, the bot will eject the player from the land group and their items will be automatically returned.  Players are advised to keep track of their rent and pay on time to avoid evictions and having their items returned.  THIS IS AUTOMATIC, WITH NO INTERVENTION FROM SIM ADMINISTRATORS.

  • Players are entitled to the time/unit they paid for.  Unnatural management will not evict another player from a unit until their rent is up (even if set to not renew), except for rule breaking or if deemed necessary.

  • Rez items at your own risk. Unnatural Management is not liable for damages or losses to any items (including no copy items) due to the actions of another SL resident or region performance problems (returned objects, sim crashes, etc.). You should contact LL with these issues.


  • Rentals are considered ROLEPLAY (IN-CHARACTER) areas, please wear the OOC tag if you are in your unit but not available to RP.


  • While rentals help with sim maintenance costs, rentals are provided to promote roleplay first.  In order to ensure that players have a fair chance of obtaining a unit, rentals may not be procured for the purpose of adding prims to another location.  You may purchase additional prims, on a case-by-case basis; this is subject to availability and management discretion.  Rented properties that are empty or appear unoccupied for more than 2 days may be reset to rent with no refund to the current renter. 


  • Rentals come with the LI (land impact) amount provided on the box. Any rental found to be over the limit may have items returned to bring the count back to legal amounts without warning. Gross or repeated disregard for prim limits may result in the termination of your rental with no refund and all objects returned.


  • Rentals may not contain objects that produce particle effects, sound effects, chat spam, or other lag-generating items or have any form of object which can intrude on city land or a neighboring rental, such objects may be removed without warning. All items and furnishings must retain the sim’s theme. Signs and advertisements should look realistic. 


  • Renters may not have a storefront, business office open to the public, or other commercial activity in their residential rentals.  If you would like to run a business, there are commercial locations available.  In the same fashion, commercial locations may not be rented for residential purposes.


  • Rental property is subject to change at any time, without notice. You are obligated to follow these changes without incident or you may be removed from your rental. These changes may come in the form of your building being moved or altered, prim limits being changed, or prices being changed.


  • Please keep all items rezzed within the walls of the rental, items found to be outside of a rental's interior are subject to return.  Signs for businesses, front stoop decorations, seasonal items, or some plants are allowed.  Please keep these within the theme and ambiance of the sim.  If in doubt, please check with management first.

Commercial Rentals

There are two types of commercial rentals.  Open, empty commercial rentals which are available for anyone to rent and open a business and furnish them as they wish, and “official” businesses, which are furnished. All commercial rental boxes are locked, or should be. In order to establish a business or claim an official business as a manager please read how to submit a proposal on the BUSINESSES page.

Official Furnished Commercial Rentals 

Furnished Commercial locations are provided to promote role-play and any player my role-play visiting or working there.  If a player would like to role-play owning the business, they may contact management and rent if approved, with a small prim allowance for personalization.  If the business has livable space above, a prim allowance (subject to availability) may be added to the price of the rent.


  • These businesses must remain open for business  24/7 unless IC reasons deem them to be closed to the public- ex: a fire or crime.  Any closed business must reopen within 24 real-time hours unless authorities (ex AFD/APD) say otherwise.

  • These businesses must remain open for employment, and characters cannot be prevented from role-playing at a business because of OOC reasons. If a character commits an IC infraction (ie. stealing, not showing up to work, etc.) they are subject to IC consequences such as being fired or suspended.


Open Commercial

These businesses are open and empty for players to create any kind of business they chose.   Please keep the theme and location in mind when doing so.

  • Commercial Business locations may not be rented for residential purposes and must have a legitimate storefront.  If there’s room in the back or space upstairs and you would like to have your character “live” there, please contact an Admin to discuss.


  • Please consider the type of "business" you wish to establish. Revenue for the sim is nice, but the availability of Commercial rental locations is to promote RP and character enrichment.  Please consider the type of location and other nearby businesses so we avoid having 5 bars in a 2-block radius.


  • You may not establish a business that is in direct competition with an established business.  Renters may operate as many stores as they wish, however, each commercial rental operated by a single person MUST CONTAIN A DIFFERENT PRODUCT OR PRODUCT LINE. 


  • Be advised, as the renter of a commercial location you should be aware of the lore and possible situations that might arise in the city.  Gang activity, tagging, and other crimes are permissible.  Participating in these scenarios is NOT mandatory, but it does enrich and promote RP in the sim and is strongly encouraged.

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