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The following are guidelines for attitudes and characteristics particular to playable races in Unnatural, and while we do understand and respect individuality we do expect players to adhere to the Unnatural lore.  Please note that Unnatural characters are fictional creatures (except for humans) that have been part of folklore, fantasy, and horror fiction for generations, centuries in some cases, and each culture or writer has its own version of what these creatures are like or how they should be.  At Unnatural we don’t adhere to any particular version.  Think WoD, Dracula, True Blood, Twilight, and American Werewolf - they are all different, and this is our version.

If you have any questions about a particular race you’d like to play do seek the help of a LoreKeeper for your intended race.  You can find contact boards for individual LoreKeepers in world in the Landing Zone under the individual race posters, or contact them via the race channels on Discord.



There is no set origin for any of the races in Unnatural, humans included.  No one knows their true origins, and though each culture or geographical region has its own myths, legends, beliefs, and stories that are passed down through generations, none have been proven or dis-proven.  In other words, your character can claim/believe any particular origin, it doesn’t make it right or true, but it may not be wrong either!

Character Background


A character’s particular background, socio-economic status (rich, royalty, etc.), or lineage (descendant of an alpha/king/etc.) has no bearing on their abilities, strength, or speed, nor does it give your character any racial advantage over another. The status of “alpha” of a pack, or leader of any other group, is earned through RP and leadership. Abilities are enhanced with practice.




There are no hybrids in the Unnatural world.  That is, no characters show traits from more than one race.  Aside from Vampires, all races can intermingle, mate, and reproduce, but the offspring will be one or the other.  If you are the type that is persnickety about details, keep track of your family tree and that of your partner.  The more diluted the race is the less chance to have offspring of that race. Dice is a great option too.  Mating with humans will almost always produce a supernatural.



Y'all know this one.

Race Detection

The lore shows that there are ways for people to identify others even if not of their own race, but there are also ways to avoid detection.  While there are circumstances and attributes that might allow a person to detect other races, like a heightened sense of smell, there is also the matter of experience to consider.  For example, a Vampire that has been around a long time and has been around people of other races might be able to pick up a different heart rate in someone of another race, and a werewolf might pick up a different scent.   So it is plausible, and logical, that with time and by the process of elimination they might be able to detect not only that the person is not like them, but might be able to pinpoint what they are.   Even with these things in place it’s all about CONSENT, CONSENT, CONSENT, but do take these matters and abilities into consideration when allowing or denying detection. 

Covens, Packs, Nests, Coteries, Cadres, Families, etc

While in most common lore these groups are pretty exclusive to a race, there are no restrictions to these groups in Unnatural.  Player-created groups are run by the players and they will impose their own restrictions on who they allow in their group.  If a player decides to restrict his or her group to their race exclusively, Unnatural Admins have no say on this.  The type of group is decided by who is leading it.  If a Werewolf starts a group it’s a Pack, if an Incarnate starts a group it's a Cadre.   The only exception to this is the Phral Sabbat, which requires all members to be Phral and have a blood bond.


Race Switching

If you’ve been playing a character and decide you no longer want to play a particular race you may be turned if the desired race’s lore allows for that.  Your character will lose all abilities and traits from your original race, as we do not allow hybrid abilities- No Vampires that shift into Werewolves, Werewolves with Phral abilities, etc.   If you are not able to ‘turn’ into the new race you are wanting to play you will have to “reroll”, which means killing off your existing character and creating a new one, as we do not allow multiple simultaneous characters on the same avatar. 


In some cases, if a player is undecided, we do advise them to enter Unnatural as a Human since, aside from the Waterborn, a character may awaken or be turned into another during RP.

The Veil

Supernaturals are hidden in the Unnatural Realm, as it is feared that revealing their existence would plunge the world into chaos.  The long-lived Supernaturals have vivid memories of how people treat those that are “different," and things like the Witch Trials and Inquisition might still be a vivid memory to some, and history that will not be forgotten.  It is believed that the consequences of the revelation could include widespread panic, persecution, and even armed conflicts while humans struggle against perceived threats and Supernaturals strive to survive.  


“The Veil” is a figurative ‘curtain’ that keeps Supernaturals hidden from the rest of the world.  “Breaking the Veil” means to out another Supernatural or group of Supernaturals to others, doesn’t matter who, not just to humans.  Doing this can have grave IC consequences for both the breaker and whoever they “outed”, including banishment from the region or permanent character death.   This does not mean the player is “banned” from the sim, but the character is exiled from the Ashmore region, and the player must re-roll.


Supernatural beings are a sort of an “open secret” in Unnatural.  We are not going to police who knows what, or who should or shouldn’t know, but “Breaking the Veil” is still a thing.  Supernaturals should never walk around town with their “fangs out”, so to speak, or put themselves in situations where they could be found out.  Keeping that line of thought, Supernaturals would be sensible about some things, for example, they would wear appropriate clothing in winter even if not affected by the cold, or for the Phral, they would not show their abilities if they can avoid it, nor walk around the hospital giving out potions and healing folks willy-nilly.

The Veiled Council

The Veiled Council is a group of regional race leaders entrusted to enforce the protection of The Veil in the Ashmore region.  While most veil breaks and other misconduct that endangers The Veil and the lively hood of the residents (super and human alike) are handled by individual race leaders, some circumstances require escalating before other entities intervene.  Other regions, cities, countries, etc may have their own council or orders to enforce discipline and protect the Veil


The Ashmore Lodge

The Ashmore Lodge was a “lodge” / resort that catered to those seeking a little more comfort during their mountain holiday in Ashmore.  Abandoned for quite some time, the Veiled Council has purchased it and renovated it. To the average Human, it is a venue for events and banquets, such as weddings and fancy birthday parties, with a spa complete with a sauna, and docks for boating aficionados.  

For the Supernatural community, it is a Welcome Center where Supernaturals new to the area can come gather information or introduce themselves.  It is also a place for Council meetings and trials, and the spa room doubles as a healing room for supernaturals that wish to avoid the hospital.



Horizon is a company that most would recognize as a health insurer, specifically an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) mainly operating out of the Eastern United States. Like any good conglomerate, their public operations span a wide range of interests, from helping small communities grow, making heavily publicized donations to local government, and their outspoken support for First Responders, both in funding and equipment, as well as facilities, vehicles, and training. 


In Ashmore, the arrival of Horizon was heralded by the renovation of Ashmore Health a few years ago and their recent funding of the Ashmore Police Department's new headquarters. 


Far from the baby kissing, hospital building, and corporate smiles of Horizon's public arm, there is a background operation that the public has never seen. Horizon operates a number of divisions specifically focused on supernatural affairs, primarily providing clean-up crews for Supernatural crime scenes, monitoring supernatural activity in areas of interest, as well as handling, by any means necessary, rumors of supernatural happenings through social media, news outlets, conspiracy theories - Ready to step in, often controlling the narrative to protect the veil at any cost. 


Supernaturals in Ashmore may have some suspicion about the non-public operations of Horizon or that there is someone or something that handles those veil breaks and sticky situations beyond local Law Enforcement. As a Human, your character will only have heard of Horizon as a healthcare provider, or an organization that aids underserved communities. Those with knowledge of the Supernatural may have some inkling that these issues are handled by some unknown entity since these oddities never show up on social media. (Seriously, how come someone hasn't posted a werewolf video on Twitter?)


If you want your character to know more than this, seek Community Lead approval.


Horizon is not accepting applications at this time.

Race Detection
Race Groups
Race Switching
The Veil

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