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The following are guidelines for attitudes and characteristics particular to Unnatural Phral, and while we do understand and respect individuality we do expect players to adhere to the Unnatural lore as much as possible.  Please note that witches and other magical folk have been part of folklore, fantasy, and fiction for generations, centuries in some cases, and each culture or writer has their own version of what they are or how they should be.  


This is our version.



The Phral is a supernatural race in the Unnatural realm.  Throughout history, the Phral may have been called many things--witches, oracles, priests, etc--but in order to keep their true nature hidden, the Phral chose to “go with the flow”; some may have believed that their power came from their faith or whatever branch of religion/magic they knew or practiced at the time. Because of persecution, and the actions of a few, all Phral abilities lay dormant for 100 years (since 1917) all over the world (not just in Ashmore) and were re-awakened in November of 2017.  While there is recent history, no one knows exactly where they originated or how they came to be. Phral are born, and the ability to manipulate magic is not acquired.  


OOC:  Anyone playing a Phral today has only had powers since November 2017 (if they were over 16), and when the magic was laid to sleep in 1917 all Phral reverted to regular Human lifespans.  It is possible that family members secretly passed on the stories to their descendants, it is also possible that they did not, or that younger generations believe the old relative was senile and telling stories, so it is also plausible that your character KNOWS OF the Phral.  People that were raised with magic culture, say VooDoo or Santeria as they exist in the real world today, could bring that knowledge with them, but until the Awakening in 2017 it did not work as believed.


“Magic culture” exists in this world.  Words like ‘voodoo’, witchcraft, Wicca, druids, magic, etc all exist, yet only the Phral holds the real power.  For example, if a Voodoo priestess had any real power it was because she was a Phral, not because of Voodoo.  If the fortune teller at the carnival was accurate in her predictions, then she was Phral.  


Magic in the Unnatural Universe has no religious affiliation, no deities or spirits, and is completely natural, though some Phral may practice what was familiar to them either out of ignorance of their true nature or to blend in with the familiar--the fortune teller at a carnival, the voodoo priestess in the bayous, the old witch/healer in the woods.


Phral may stick together in guilds or covens, and in deeper bonded groups called “Sabbats” (see below) where they can help each other and pool their abilities.  Their universal symbol is the Hamsa (🪬Hand of Fatima).  Buildings tagged with a hamsa might be Phral operated, friendly, or owned.


Phral are human in appearance, and though they may be afflicted with most of the same ailments as humans they have a higher immune system due to their connection to the Earth, they age a little slower and can live anywhere from 150  to 200 years.  


Phral can be light or dark and use their abilities for good or evil.  There can be light Sabbats/Covens or dark Sabbats/Covens, and Phral may associate with other races when it suits them.


Phral bitten and turned (Vampire or Werewolf) lose their powers.

OOC:  Anyone wishing to switch races from human to Phral after joining may RP “awakening” at any time.  Any Phral turned Werewolf or Vampire or become possessed by an Incarnate loses their powers, and there’s no turning back.

Magic - The Power

There are no specific spells or a “right” way to practice magic, except for a few of exceptions (see Learned Abilities, Path Information, and Spell Creation information below).  How Phral channels or communicates (tells the magic what you wish to accomplish) with power is individual or particular to a coven.  Rituals, incantations, words of power, etc, runes or symbols, are all valid.  You may be creative with this.  For example, if your character was raised in Louisiana and had Voodoo knowledge, then that’s his or her way of manipulating the power.  If your character is from the Caribbean, then they probably have knowledge of Santeria or Brujeria.  Seidhr, Druidic magic, Shamanism, etc. All are valid.  It’s all the same energy, just “spoken” in a different language.  In one book I read recently a druid imbued magic into a symbol/sigil he partially tattooed on his arm that only activated when he completed the drawing with black chalk he kept in his pocket.  Power can be imbued into a symbol, jewelry, ointments, oils, potions, etc.  Any artifacts or potions created by a Phral can be effectively used by anyone of any race, provided they have instructions on how to use them. 


Magic usually manifests itself in a Phral after the first full moon after their 16th birthday.  Any magic expended has an energy cost that can be debilitating to the Phral.  Using too much may even cause a Phral to lose consciousness.


Phral have existed since the beginning of time, and while there are no ancestor spirits roaming the Earth, their ancestors’ power has infused the Earth through burials, burials at sea, scattering of ashes, etc. An exhausted Phral can sink their hands into the earth or a natural water source (lake, river, or ocean) and channel that power for a quick recharge or boost.  Ancestors also left behind a wealth of knowledge in books and writings, like the hidden Phral book in Ashmore.


OOC -  The recharge should give a Phral enough energy to keep from passing out or to perform one more spell, it’s not a full recharge!  If a Phral is already unconscious they cannot ‘channel’ to recharge, but laying on the ground in contact with the earth, or being dipped in a natural body of water (lake, river, ocean) may help revive them.

Magic - The Power


Abilities are divided into 2 classes, Inherent and Learned.  All Phral have all the inherent abilities from the moment they awaken, and the others they must learn by practicing and studying. The most important thing that a Phral needs to learn is how to channel the power, communicate with it, and control it to their benefit.  There is no “right way” to do this.  Channeling is individual to each Phral.  Some might take up meditation, holding a particular yoga pose, self-hypnosis, music, Tai Chi, or other martial arts, or even rituals associated with other beliefs, like casting a circle or taking peyote.  A Phral might make up a mantra or a “power phrase” that helps them focus on what they are trying to do and guide the power that way.  


With time and practice a Phral may be able to “find it” without too much trouble, or even on the fly, and easily control it.  An idea for this is to associate the use of an item, a “lucky charm” when they channel, with practice they may only have to keep it in their pocket and touch it.


NOTE: You can be as creative as you like, this is a completely individual thing.  Should something come up in your storyline and you have an idea for a cool ritual or ability, do bring it up to staff so we may consider adding it permanently.


Keep in mind:

  • Anything affecting another character, their NPCs, or property requires consent.

  • The use of any abilities can be seen as a form of combat and requires at least 2 posts, depending on the situation.  For example, when using Telekinesis to throw something at someone, you must show 1 post for drawing and aiming and 1 for “shooting”.  

  • The use of abilities can be draining and will sap your character’s energy.  

  • Not all abilities work all the time, and something not working can be an opportunity to expand RP and allow for character growth.  If you are unsure, dice might be fun and helpful (Example: Odd numbers, the spell didn’t work; even numbers, it did, or 1, 2, 3, 4 worked, 5, 6 didn’t work


Inherent Abilities


All Phral can do the following from the moment magic manifests itself but may require a little practice to master.  They require only a thought and a hand motion when applicable, and depending on the situation, 1 or 2 posts would suffice.  Inherent Abilities, aside from Telekinesis if used in combat, have a minimal energy cost. Click on the tabs to learn more about the Inherent Abilities.

The ability to change/enhance their appearance - these are strictly cosmetic changes and they are temporary, lasting about a day or so before having to ‘refresh’.  Hair color, hair-dos, eye color, skin color, makeup, hide/create scars or tattoos.  They cannot change bone/body structure or make themselves look like someone else.

Learned Abilities


OOC:  We cannot stress enough how important it is to obtain consent for anything affecting another player, their NPCs, or their property.  All actions that will affect another player or their property must be conveyed as an attempt that may or may not work.  Consent can be passive (agreeing to the outcome via RP), active (discussing in IMs), or if both parties agree, by chance (dice). Use common sense.  Any accusations of powergaming will be looked into by admins.


Most abilities listed below can be enhanced with Werewolf or Vampire blood, with the help of other Phral, or with the aid of a coven (strong) or Sabbat (stronger).  Keep in mind Vampire Blood is an upper, and Werewolf Blood is more relaxing, use accordingly.  Blood can be ingested various ways, not just by drinking.  It can be dried and ground to a fine powder and inhaled, or sprayed with an atomizer, etc .


All of the listed abilities below can be learned by any Phral, but all Phral should have a ‘base ability”. This ability is the one they practice the most and are most familiar with and what they identify with.  Keep in mind that with Phral newly awakened in 2017 and it would be impossible for your character to be proficient at more than 3, at best.  Most Lores that have “powerful” wizards or witches go through a lifetime of practicing!  The use of Learned Abilities can be physically draining.

(Oh-FEE-Sah) - The Fortune Teller (Psychic) or The Seer - Ofisa grants premonitions on a regular basis though they may need clarification or interpretation, and can see past, present, and future when in a trance.  Werewolf blood can aid in a trance, and having the aid of a Sabbat in a trance can bring clarity.  Depending on how strong a ‘vision’ Phral will experience dizziness, lethargy, or even pass out after a vision.  This includes all forms of Fortune Telling (scrying mirrors, tarot cards, tea leaves, palmistry, etc etc etc)


Special Ability:  


May only be performed by a Phral whose base ability is Ofisa:


Clairtangency - When a Phral selects Ofisa as their base ability they will start having visions and/or empathic flashes upon physical contact with others (not objects). Initially, these occurrences are unpredictable and beyond their control, but over time, Ofisa will be able to manage and regulate them.

The Ashmore Circle, Covens, Sabbats


All Phral within a region are automatically part of the ‘Circle’, the Phral community, in the area.  It is not a Coven, or a Sabbat, but a loosely knit community that often gets together for Phral/Pagan holidays and rituals, and help each other with spells and things if someone doesn’t have a coven to help.  There is no single lead or Priest/Priestess for the Circle, but there are prominent figures within the Circle that can help newly arriving Phral and organize events for the community.  In Ashmore, these are Lexie Vaher, Jolie Applemoor, Sal Morgath, and Kei Takeda.  Phral are under no obligation to join in any activity, and any Phral that prefers to work on their own can certainly do so.



Phral are encouraged to start their own Covens.  Covens are still part of the Circle, but they are individual groups of Phral that work well together, get along well, feel somehow connected, and have taken a loyalty Oath to the Coven. They might practice the same style of magic or have other things in common.  Spells and rituals performed by a coven are stronger and longer lasting than by individual Phral working alone.  Covens decide on their own hierarchy and politics, but most often there is one leader, or a cycle of leaders to represent the Coven in important community matters.  Covens are also welcome to organize events for the circle, host parties, etc.  If a Coven’s bond grows, and the members trust each other enough, they might choose to form a Sabbat.


OOC:  We do know that people like to organize groups quickly, but they are much more fun when they form organically!



Sabbats are a special, and usually smaller, group of Phral (minimum of 3 Phral) that have bonded with a blood ritual.  The bond is so strong it’s partially psychic, where members of the Sabbat will know when another member is in distress or in pain,  Spells are much stronger, and longer lasting than anything else done by a single Phral or even a coven.  There are some spells that could only be performed with the strength of a Sabbat.

Sabbats tend to generate organically from a Coven, though not all Coven members need to be part of the Sabbat. It’s not uncommon for large Covens to have several Sabbats within their ranks.  Other Sabbats are formed by an actual family, where all blood relatives are members.  


However they are formed, Sabbats are not to be taken lightly. Phral should not enter one or break their bond on a whim.  The breaking of the blood bond can be emotionally and psychologically damaging for all involved, and to some, cause physical pain.

There is no one particular blood ritual to establish a Sabbat.  Sabbats are even closer than real-life siblings, as Sabbat members may sense when another member is feeling intense emotions (all of them–fear, sadness, anxiety, excitement, even lust or love).  The breaking of the bond or even the release of just one member may cause overwhelming sadness for a short period of time or distress to the members.

Special Abilities

Bonded Sabbats have the ability to Banish an Incarnate from a Human, with a 75% chance of survival.  This ritual requires at least 3 Phral from the same Sabbat.  A vessel must be created beforehand, and it could be anything–a clay pot, a carved wooden box, etc.  (doesn’t have to be human-sized). The vessel must then be kept somewhere safe, if broken the Incarnate is released.  You may be creative with the ritual.  The Human may not have any recollection of their time as Incarnate, but some flashbacks or dreams are possible.


Full Moons have special effects on Supernaturals, and Phral is no different.  Charms, trinkets, talismans, potions, etc created during the Full Moon have a bit more potency and last a little longer.  Some things can only be created or done during the Full Moon.  Additionally, Phral feel a pull to a particular place in the woods, an urge to congregate and dance in the moonlight.  Phral that give in to this have a bit more “charge’ in them for the rest of the month, while those that don’t might feel a bit more drained, their potions and charms not as effective.



Phral have relationships with whomever they chose, but some are careful to only have children with other Phral in order to preserve their lines.  Remember that there are no “hybrids”, a child of a Werewolf and a Phral will be, Phral, OR Werewolf, OR “Phral-sov”, a Phral that never awakens.  Phral-Sov may have Phral offspring that do awaken.




Right on the corner of W Feldspar Dr and Church Street is a New Age shop called ‘Spellbound’.  Like all New Age shops, they offer crystals, books, herbs, gifts, and even ‘readings’, and things that are useful to Phral.  Spellbound is owned by Lexie Vaher and has been in her family for several generations.




Deep in the mountains surrounding Ashmore, there is a stone circle and a secret entrance to a cave.  Phral congregate here on full moons to create special charms and potions and recharge.  Because of its concentration of power, it is a good place to go for rituals any time of the month too.  The cave is protected by a ward that prevents non-Phral from entering (no exceptions) and must be recharged every full moon.


In the cave is the Phral Book, an ancient living grimoire with spells and information collected over the years from Phral in the area up until the magic in Phral was put to sleep.  The book is magically bound to the cave, and though there have been attempts at stealing it in the past, no matter where it’s taken, it disappears and reappears in the cave.  The person stealing it was cursed with terrible headaches, nightmares, and horrific visions until the book was back in its place.  No pictures can be taken in the cave or of the book. Any pictures taken are nothing but a full black image once the device leaves the cave.  Any spells needed must be copied by hand.


OOC:  There is a physical book, but there is no actual information to “read”.  The book contains information on the aspects of other supernaturals, a collection of potion recipes, tested and finalized spells, different rituals, etc.  Because it was hand-written over time the information is not well-organized.  Phral may read and learn from it or copy spells.  Keep in mind that this should be a valuable asset since Phral awakened (all over the world) less than 10 years ago.


Other regions in the world may have their own version of a “Phral Cave” where Phral would congregate on full moons and their own grimoires.  A Phral may have their own grimoire, of course, with spells from a book in their region of origin.




“The Path” is a hunt/game on sim that was created to help players find the path to their base ability and give players an idea of some of the things they can do with the different abilities and instructions on how to perform spells, incantations, draw sigils, etc.  The start of The Path is on a symbol outside of Spellbound and instructions are on the notecard given to the player by the symbol.

Covens & Sabbats
Full Moons
The Path
The Cave & Book
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