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combat Rules

Weapon Types

The Basics

Combat in Unnatural is freeform with the option to use dice. Players are reminded to play fair and be reasonable. There are several things that can influence the outcome of a combat scene, not just strength or might, who is stronger, but even things like state of mind can affect a character’s ability to fight. 


Here are some simple things to remember when engaging in combat with one another:


  • TWO actions per post. This includes “defenses” and “attacks”. No matter what you’re emoting, make sure to always list things as attempts. You, as a player, do NOT control how anyone else takes or reacts to your actions.



​Mary Ann attempts to whack Allen on the head with the blunt end of her pistol

Allen ducked, barely missing the narrowing attack from Mary Ann. He could feel the breeze of air as the pistol swung by his face. Quickly he reacted, reaching for her wrist in an attempt to pin her back against the wall.


  • Attacks and engaging with the Police, or other official sim groups typically ends in their favor. Do not be in the mindset that you will win every engagement, while the Police Department does understand they “lose” sometimes too. 

  • ​Do not view combative scenes as a “must win” scenario. “Win” or “lose” they are some of the best ways to build depth in a story. Remember to play fair, and if mediation is needed to reach out. 

  • ​When approaching a scene, wait at least one full post round to make sure your character is aware of what is happening. 

  • ​Do not powergame.  Your character is not “god” nor a “ninja”, nor does it have unlimited resources on their person.  Play to your advantages AND disadvantages. Someone that is large is typically slower. While your character is faster, it might not pack as big of a punch. Play fair! 

  • If the players involved in a scene can not freeform to an agreement the option for dice is to be used. Players involved can decide the rules for the dice. Remember that RP can make us feel things (it's part of the fun), but we should never take that IC hostility to OOC.  Communicate with one another and be civil. 

  • ​If there is a need for a mod or admin to oversee your scene please reach out in the “Support” discord. Or refer to the “Staff” spot on the Landing Zone. Remember that someone calling for staff to help with a scene is not a dig on you or your roleplay, but simply an attempt to keep things fair.  Do not take offense at this.

Supernatural Combat

This is a supernatural sim. Expect different combat compared to the combat in Urban or other types of sims. Supernatural beings typically have massive advantages, but also disadvantages. Please refer to your race page to view. Under no circumstances is this an excuse to godmod or powergame. 


  • Remember that everything is an attempt. Even if it’s an ability attributed to your race. 

  • Supernaturals can pick up other scents, heartbeats, etc from other races. Please refer to your race page. Any questions refer to the “Support” chat in the discord 

  • Remember when shifting into true form it is meant to take 2 posts. One where it is beginning and one into the full shift.  The same goes to shifting back to human.

  • Wolves and Shifters in their natural form can communicate in true form, but it will sound like a howl and others might find it difficult to understand

    • Wolves can communicate clearly with other wolves. 

    • Shifters can communicate clearly with other shifters.


Read more about Werewolves and their abilities HERE


Read more about Shifters and their abilities HERE

Firearm Combat
  • Firearms should be seen as a last resort in Roleplay when engaging in a conflict. Expect to have proper consequences when pulling one or simply walking around with one. Cops might feel the need to question your character or even confiscate the weapon should your character be seen with one without the proper permit (you can get one at the Gun Shop)

  • When firing a firearm, please be specific on where your character is shooting and what caliber of ammo is used. Remember to play fair. 

  • If seen abusing any of the firearms allowed, we will moderate your usage and issue a warning. This is not debatable. 

  • While using a firearm, there is a 2 post requirement. One where you ATTEMPT to draw. One where your character fires. Remember to be clear. Only TWO bullets can be fired during a post. Play realistic to your weapon, reloading takes time and must be done in two posts as well. Abusing this will result in a warning from staff.

Weapon Ownership

The weapons listed below are the only ones allowed on sim.  Your character may own any of the weapons listed below, but must obtain a firearm permit from the gun shop to own it legally IC (there will be a record), or face IC consequences if stopped/arrested by the police.   Anything else must have admin approval.

  • Pistols & Revolvers 

  • Shotguns

  • Assault Rifles (See below for details) 

  • Sniper/Hunting Rifles (See below for details) 

  • Knives 

  • Machetes 

  • Katana

  • Body Armor (See Below for Details)

  • While we are lax on the weapons allowed in this sim, please make sure everything makes sense in character. Do not go around sniping people off of rooftops without the means to get up there, or without character consent. 

  • Please make sure your character has a reason to have these weapons on hand. There is a gun store. And even gangs that run guns. Billy Joe the local who just sits at home in mothers basement, will not have a Sniper Rifle or tear gas for no reason. 

  • While we do allow Body Armor, make sure to purchase this in character from either the gun store or a faction. 

    • When using body armor, it is rendered useless after taking 2 hits. This is not debatable. Abuse will result in a warning from staff. 

Use of silver in unnatural

The use of silver in different types of weapons and ammunition has come into question many times, and it's a common topic in Supernatural fiction.  As such, the Unnatural Administration team has discussed several scenarios with its use.

  • Silver is poisonous to certain supernaturals, but without heavy doses or prolonged contact where it can enter the bloodstream it’s more of an irritant.  It will burn and cause skin irritations, delay healing in wounds and cause infection.

  • Cuts or stabbings with a silver-plated knife (pure silver is too soft of a metal to create a functional blade) would infect and take time to heal, but doubtful the knife would remain in the body long enough for it to poison a supernatural and be the actual cause of death (organ damage, bleeding and infection would be the cause), so think carefully, a cut on the arm is more likely to enrage a supernatural and might the cause of your character’s death instead.

  • Unknowing Humans have no reason to want or need silver weapons or ammunition.  Suspicious humans might, just like “preppers” suspect an apocalypse is coming and prepare for it.  Granted, the gun shop is not going to ask you what you know, so we are relying on the honor system.  Play accordingly.

  • While we understand that silver items are common and fairly cheap in real life, in a world where supernaturals exist, such as the Unnatural realm, the demand for silver would be higher.  Additionally, silver is a non-renewable natural resource.  This situation makes silver, in all it’s forms, one of the highest priced commodities in the Unnatural world.  The price of silver ammunition and other silver or silver-plated weapons would be higher, and their availability lower.

  • Silver weapons, such as knives, and silver ammunition (bullets and such) are expensive and in limited supply, and only available through RP with the Gun Shop and certain factions.  IC situations such as robbing a police officer or another character who may have them is possible with prior consent/approval.

    • Full Silver Bullets - APD, Horizon, The Gun Shop

    • Silver tipped bullets - factions (limited, please message staff for approval)

  • Poisons, elixirs, drugs, gases, or any other item laced/infused/plated/etc with silver that is not listed in the “allowable list” are not readily available, are OOC prohibited, and must have admin approval.


NPC Combat

Players may not use NPCs for combat. If a person wishes to use a bodyguard, they would be better off hiring a character of another player to do so.

Silver Use
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