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ashmore fire department


the Ashmore Fire Department


Ashmore Fire Department is a small hybrid Fire Department consisting of full-time and volunteer firefighters who pride themselves in professionalism, expertise and service to their community.

Quartered at AFD Station 1 on the corner of Woodhill Rd, AFD operates state-of-the-art equipment including Medic 1, the Advanced Life Saving (ALS) ambulance, Engine 1, a pumper-style multi-purpose rig, Ladder 1, an extendable aerial ladder, and a motor pool of other vehicles to tackle its varied and complex mission.

Joining the AFD

Joining is as simple as clicking on “Apply” at the top of this page. A member of command will reach out to you within 48 hours.

All newcomers to AFD will rank as Probationary FF/EMT ('Probies') for a breaking-in period, regardless of experience. This ensures that all staff are trained to a same basic level.


AFD maintains an extensive library of training documentation, including the AFD Handbook, that detail all expectations, requirements and duties, as well as a detailed uniform list.

Ready to join? Click the link above.

Got questions? Reach out to Community Lead Fen Blacach (Discord: @fenblacach)

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