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About University of Northern Pennsylvania


The university was chartered in May 1848 and opened on December 2, 1850 in Bethany, PA. In the fall of 1854, the Wyoming Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church assumed the running of the school. Two years later, it was purchased by former principal John F. Stoddard. A fire in 1857 threatened to destroy the university but it was rebuilt and continued to thrive in the Northern Pennsylvania area. 


The Ashmore Campus was opened in 1987 after renovations to the old city hall building that had been converted to be the local library. Ashmore was selected because of the business and community partnerships that provide experiential learning, internships and networking opportunities for students. While continuing to foreground its core value of providing highly personalized learning experiences in a caring and supportive campus environment, the satellite campus will expand its use of technology to enhance student learning, increase collaboration and modernize all aspects of campus programs and services.

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University of Northern Pennsylvania primarily focuses on arts and humanities, fostering creativity and critical thinking among its students. Recently, the institution has expanded its offerings to include medical sciences, providing a well-rounded education for those interested in the intersection of art and science.

Faculty Roles

  • Dean of Students (IC and OOC Role)

    • Oversees all the everyday running of the Universit IC and OOC

    • Handles all IC discipline in the University 

    • Opens all Events held at the University 

    • Keeps the Community Lead OOC Contact (Lexie Vaher) updated on all information concerning roleplay and will reach out to Lexie in case of OOC conflicts arise.

    • Oversees hiring of all staff within the University ICLY - hiring Recommendations would be a secretary and an Assistant Dean for backup

    • Help establish an NPC School board

  • Academic Dean (IC and OOC position) 

    • Work with and under the Dean of the Students  

    • IC/OOC class scheduling 

    • ICLY HIRING Professors 

    • ICLY grades students, creates report cards, and schedules classes. Assists students with class schedule and grade issues, if needed. 

    • Organize Graduation

    • Works with OOC Lead to establish school rules for students to follow or not

    • Can organize and recruit their own staff from student workers to other teachers

    • Organizes and leads (along with the Dean of Students) one monthly Faculty meeting . 

    • Encourage roleplay among the Professors.

  • Athletic Director

    • Work with and under the Dean of Students

    • Schedule  Athletic events and activities for students (jogging/hiking club, sailing class on the lake, bowling class, and weight lifting are a few examples). 

    • Organize student activities for Greek Week and Spirit WeekOrganize school dances 

    • Oganize and recruit staff from student workers to other teachers

  • Greek Life Coordinator

    • Helps establish a Fraternity and Sorority on sim - Work with the OOC lead on this

    • Recruit students for the Fraternity and/or Sorority 

    • Help set up other Greek Houses (other then the 2 official ones)

    • Establish an inner Greek council. 

    • Organize Greek Week 

    • Organize Homecoming and Alumni Weekend. 

    • Rush week

    • Can organize and recruit their own staff from student workers to other teachers

  • Student Life Coordinator

    • Work with Greek Life Coordinator when it comes to Rush and Greek Week to help recruit sorority and Fraternity Members 

    • Help establish clubs such as Photography club, Yearbook club, and indoor game clubs (Students can come to you with ideas of clubs they want to set up) 

    • Plan the Campus Club fair 

    • Plan with Athletic director -  Spirit Week and involvement with the town


Staff Roles

  • Administrative Assistants for the Deans and Administrators

  • Campus Security (until one is established APD will be the point of contact) 

  • Grounds Keeper                           

  • Professors

  • Campus Security

  • Librarians

  • Professor Assistant - Students selected by the Professor to help them with grading and run classes when the professor is unavailable.

how to become a professor at unp?


​Education background - Ashmore University only hires accredited teachers.  We will occasionally allow special guest lectures but all Professors will need to have teaching or some kind of educational job as part of their Character's background.   Most professors in college have at least a master's degree.  When your background is set, fill out the application at the top of this page.

Choosing the classes to IC teach:

Find an interesting topic that can be taught in the realm of RP.  Make sure your class is more than just copy-pasting information. For rp purposes, these should be more group-led discussions than a blanket of information. Not all classes translate into a good rp class.   Professors should be available to teach this class more than once a week (to help with time zones).  Professors may teach multiple classes however you have to be actively doing it on the sim

sample projects for students:  

Example #1  If you are teaching botany in Ashmore.  Plan a hiking trip, RP make a botany book based on local plant life, Send students out to find a native plant to bring back and share with the class.

Example #2  - Photograph or art class.- schedule have a person pose nude or send them on a photography scavenger hunt through the sim. 

Teaching Requirements

  • Create a syllabus, timeline and schedule for your class. ( 4 to 6 week course, work with the Academic Dean for this), make sure its not a class someone else is already teaching.  We recommend at least 1 class a week (more are welcome).

  • Once your class has been approved it will be added to the calendar you will be set to play. 

  • Professors should look for a Professor Assistant to step in for them if real life gets in the way of the schedule. 

  • Low attendance in a class should not be the reason for canceling classes. Remember it may take time to build up players to come to your class. If the class is on the calendar, the class should take place. 

  • Classroom management and discipline should be handled ICly by Professors. This covers everything from a student talking out of turn, to a student who is caught cheating. There are IC consequences for bad behavior. This can include expulsion from class or sending students to the Dean’s office.   Make sure your classroom rules are on the syllabus to hand out to students so they know from the start what they can and can’t do in your class. Your class your rules (if the rules are too strict or create OOC issues a community lead will step in to help)

  • You may take IC attendance, and just like in RL, if a student doesn’t come to class or do their work, they fail the class. 

What do I do when I'm not teaching a class?

Anything you want!  You are not required to remain in the University as a professor. venture outside the school and RP with the rest of town.  RP with fellow faculty members, have an affair with a student, deal drugs on the side.  The possibilities are there but you will need to make that happen. 


If OOC issues arise, please contact a Community Lead to help find the best solution for all parties involved.


student life

  • All students must be over 18 years old (per sim rules!)

  • Students have access to renting dorms rooms while attending school (see below)

  • Students can start their own clubs and groups. (this is done through the student life Coordinator ) 

  • Students can be involved in Greek life (this is done through the Greek life coordinator

  • Students can sign up for classes and work with making up a class schedule and attending classes through the Academic dean 

  • Students can be involved in work studies 

  • Students can participate in athletics

  • Students can participate in a student government


Available Jobs 

  • President of a Frat or sorority

  • Pledge trainer of a Frat or Sorority 

  • Student Council President 

  • Presidents of Clubs 


All other officer members will be selected once the rp in the group starts.  Works study jobs include but are not limited to 

  • Dorm Mothers or RAs 

  • Working in the Library

  • Work in the school Offices

  • Become a TA. 

Players may apply to start a club, a sport, or a Fraternity/Sorority. Reach out to the appropriate administrative role or Lexie Vaher OOC if you are interested in this

Experience the Vibrant Student Life at UNP!**


Looking for an enriching and dynamic college experience? Look no further than University of Northern Pennsylvania (UNP), where student life thrives amidst a backdrop of academic excellence and unparalleled opportunities for growth and adventure.


Modern Dormitories: Say goodbye to cramped quarters and hello to spacious, updated dorm rooms at UNP! Our state-of-the-art residence halls provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for students to call home.  High-speed internet included!  You'll have everything you need to succeed academically and socially.


Greek Life: Join a fraternity or sorority and become part of a tight-knit community dedicated to leadership, service, and camaraderie. Whether you're participating in philanthropic events, networking with alumni, or bonding with your brothers or sisters, Greek life at UNP offers countless opportunities for personal and professional development.


Outdoor Adventures: Get ready to explore the breathtaking beauty of the Pocono Mountains with UNP's outdoor recreation programs! From hiking and camping to skiing and snowboarding, there's no shortage of adventures to be had just a stone's throw away from campus. Plus, with access to our very own lake, you can enjoy sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding right in your backyard.


Athletic Opportunities: Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just looking to stay active, UNP's athletic programs have something for everyone. Join a club team, intramural league, or varsity sport and compete against rival schools while representing the pride and spirit of the Northern Pennsylvania University Eagles!


Don't miss out on the opportunity to make lifelong memories and connections at UNP. Apply now and embark on the journey of a lifetime!

UNP Student/Faculty Housing Rentals

Housing is found to the East of the university.


All General Rental Rules apply to Dorms

Additional rules applicable only to Dorms:

1.  Dorm room rentals are available for those engaged in University Roleplay only.  Lack of activity could result in the loss of the room.  Empty rooms can/will be evicted without notice.  This will be monitored.  

2.  Dorm rooms are Co-ED

3.  Dorm rooms may be used to provide gathering places for fraternities or sororities, or for students to live in.

4.  Dorms must be rented by a student/faculty member.  Roommates are permitted, of course, but only up to 1 non-student/faculty roommate.

5.  Dorm room rental boxes are locked and not open to
the public.  If you are a UNP roleplayer and would like to rent one of these locations copy/paste the following and submit it to Leah Graves via a notecard or send it in Discord to Ryder_Storms


Name (SL Acct Name/Character Name):

UNP Role (Student/Faculty):

Purpose of the room:  (Residential/Group-i.e. fraternity/sorority)


Stoddard Hall Room Number:
Chancellor Hall Room Number:

Greek Life
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