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Statement from Ashmore Chief of Police, Fen Blacach:


Thank you for your interest in the Ashmore Police Department. Whether your interest is passing, criminal, enforcement, or justice, we hope you find your interactions with APD fulfilling and rewarding. The Ashmore Police Department is a small-to-medium sized police department headquartered at 800 Woodhill Road in Ashmore, PA. It is a busy department and operates effectively within the limited budget afforded to a Law Enforcement Department of its size. What it lacks in helicopters, bearcats, and drones, it makes up for in ingenuity, leadership, and integrity.


Both in-character and out-of-character, APD’s staff and officers are approachable, willing to engage, and keen to roleplay. If you are looking for a career during your time in Ashmore, APD offers a fantastic way to interact with the community-at-large, find intriguing storylines, and participate in intense and engaging plots. Alternatively, if you are looking to interact with APD as a civilian or criminal, we can either be found at our brand new, custom-built headquarters or out on patrol. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Below, you will find some basics around our ‘Rules of Engagement’ for police and criminals, including the additional rules officers are expected to follow, and what you may expect if you fall foul of the law in Ashmore.


We look forward to meeting you,

Fen Blacach (fen.syakumi)

Rules of Engagement
Crime & Consequence
Joining the Ashmore Police Department


The first stage to joining the Ashmore Police Department is to submit an application, which you can do so here or at the top of the page. Once submitted, APD’s Command Staff will review your application. Due to time/volume constraints, we do not typically conduct IC interviews unless specifically requested, although our staff may reach out if they have additional questions. 


Once accepted, you will receive a number of items, including:

  • Ashmore PD - Handbook

  • APD Recruit Badge (Boxed)

  • APD Award Board (Boxed)


Uniforms are not provided, however, the Handbook contains a guide to recommended uniform purchases. The basic equipment costs L$1898 at the time of this publication. This uniform is by no means mandatory, although all items must adhere to an all-black color scheme.


All new hires to APD start out as Recruits, whether you have five minutes or five years experience. This allows us to establish a fair and equitable baseline that all officers must attain before advancement, however, the benchmark to advance from recruit to officer consists of a very simple checklist of items that should be achievable at a rapid pace.


If you have any questions about becoming an officer, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of APD.


Ashmore Police Department - Rules of Engagement


As APD officers our role is to enhance RP. To help keep things fair and above board there are a few additional rules we must follow in addition to all sim rules.

  • When responding to a scene on-duty APD officers must wait a least an entire post round before posting in. 

  • “Bullet proof vests” can only take two hits before they are rendered useless. 

  • Body camera footage (showing RP logs IC) can only be used from the point the officer emoted the camera being on.


Crime and Consequence 


In Character Actions (ICA) have In Character Consequences (ICC) in Ashmore and this holds true when it comes to crime. The APD will work with you on an OOC level to ensure your ICC is reasonable. Those who commit crime and continuously avoid ICC may be addressed by sim staff. 


Some things to note about our facilities:

  • There are cameras everywhere except the staff change rooms and the Chief’s office

  • The only individual who has access to altering or deleting camera footage (whether from the station, the APD Vehicles cameras or APD body cameras) is the Chief of Police.

  • The only publicly accessible space is the main lobby. The rest of the facility is passcode and staffed.

  • Given the nature of the work, APD’s equipment frequently includes silver! Taser are equipped with silver plated prongs and the handcuffs are laced with it, for example.


If your character is arrested here is what you can expect:

  • An officer will read you your rights (known as Miranda Rights)

  • You will be searched and ALL your belongings will be confiscated. When you are released you will get everything back that wasn’t a) illegal or b) stolen (no APD officer will steal from you without OOC consent).

  • You will be told OOC the expected duration of your stay in lock up. This is done in real time so it keeps ticking down even when you are offline. An example duration is 3 hours for Public Intoxication, 24 hours for burglary, or 168 hours (one week) for Murder in the First Degree. 

  • You get one phone call but it is monitored. You can do this on your own with an NPC officer, just save the conversation to a notecard for your arresting officer.

  • When your time is up you do not need to wait on a player character officer, you can RP being released with an NPC.


Need Help?


If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please reach out to any member of APD in-world on via Discord by tagging the @Law Enforcement group.

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