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Disclaimer: Any medical information shared during roleplay interactions is purely for entertainment purposes and should not be considered professional medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for accurate guidance and information regarding health-related concerns or conditions. Unnatural, its staff, associates, assigned designees, or representatives are not liable for any action or inaction taken based on roleplay content.


Seriously, we Google this shit.


If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat

US & International Resources:

Welcome to Ashmore Health
Horizon Network

To join the hospital role-play group, enter the lobby and click the computer to "Join Now." For hospital role-play questions contact the CMO, or CNO in-world or ask for help in our Discord Support.

Who Can Play?

Ashmore Health welcomes all players of any race and any experience level.  Keep in mind that players must uphold the veil at all times and shield other characters/staff members that may not be “knowing”.  Players may choose any of the available hospital roles to play-prior experience not required.

New to the Medical Field in RP?

No problem! If a player is inexperienced with medical/hospital RP they are welcome to begin their career as a doctor starting their residency at AH, or as a CNA perhaps, and RP they are attending medical/nursing school at the University of Northern Pennsylvania until they feel more comfortable with the RP and change roles later.


Not everyone is experienced in the medical field IRL. Players are encouraged to Google certain procedures or illnesses. It is not required to RP every step of a test/procedure/surgery. Simple phrases like “performed the procedure” and “ran the tests” are perfectly acceptable. There’s also a list of protocols below to help guide you.

Available Roles

Doctors, Nurses, Orderlies, Clerical Staff (ie. Secretary, Billing Assistants, etc) and other roles found in a medical setting are all welcomed.


In-World Group Tags


The in-world group has a limited number of tags.  Because of that group tags are divided into “departments” by roles and encourage players to wear titlers for more specified role tags.  Please contact the VPO, CMO, or CNO for one of appropriate tags listed below.

AH - VPO/Administration: Overall Hospital Administration and Operations

AH - CMO: AH Chief Medical Officers - Oversees all Physicians, Surgeons, etc.

AH - CNO: AH Chief Nursing Officer.  Oversees the nursing department (Nurses, CNAs). 

AH - Nursing: Nursing Staff department.  Wear a titler for individual tags (RN, LPN, CNA, etc, or JUST Nurse!)

AH - Physician: Physician staff department.   Wear a titler for individual tags (MD, Doctor, Surgeon, etc)

AH - Behavioral Staff: AH Behavioral Health Department.   Please wear a titler to note your particular role (Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Nurse, LCSW, etc )

AH MT/MA: AH Medical Technicians and Assistants - All clerical, lab, or other medical support roles here!  Use a title for individual tags/roles. 

AH - Staff: All staff.  Housekeeping (orderlies), Security, etc wear a titler for individual roles.

OOC Info

Things to remember as an Ashmore Health Employee



Yes.  The hospital is fully staffed, whether players are around to fill the roles or not.  This includes Doctors, Nurses, Security, CNAs, Orderlies, Housekeeping, Kitchen, etc.  You are welcome to RP any type of support NPC you need for your scene (doctors, nurses, security, orderly, etc)  Unless you have permission from a lead, do not RP that any of the staff NPCs are inefficient, clumsy, etc.



Security/NPCs will be around the hospital at all times.  There are cameras in most areas.  Hospital Staff is allowed to RP security when needed.  Do not RP killing off an NPC or causing major damage to the hospital equipment or building without Lead approval.



Horizon Network is the overall administrator of healthcare in the area, managing health insurance and healthcare providers.  However, Horizon is also the background entity that takes care of supernatural things. Like that werewolf body in the morgue, the video some silly CNA took of Phral healing a wound, or a guy shifting into an eagle in the ER and flying out of the building. They will make sure there are no leaks, and that leakers forget what they saw, suddenly decide to move out of town, or get a deadly case of food poisoning or a heart attack that came out of nowhere.  If you want your character to be in the know of Horizon’s other activities, please seek approval first from the VPO.

AFK/Occ reminder

If you need to step away or go AFK for a while please be sure that you have moved your character out of the roleplay area.  If temporary you can move to an unused office or even the locker room.  Be sure that your OOC tags are on so people are aware you are not there.



All drugs would be kept in a Pyxis machine (secure automated medication dispensing system) and need to be ordered and signed out.  While stealing medication is a plausible scenario, we don’t want this happening all the time.  Remember ICA=ICC.  The hospital also has regular blood drives.  People can come in to donate blood at any time.   Blood would be stored, but may go missing.


The Unnatural Discord is the hub of all communication for the Police Department, The Fire Department and the Hospital. There are various radios around Ashmore Health that will allow your character to hear the happenings dispatch is calling out.  All cross-department communications will take place in the #emergency-services channel, which is to be monitored but not spoken into unless responding to Police or Rescue personnel.

Request access to the department in the #support channel.

The Unnatural Discord can be joined here:

Dress Code


Yes, there is one.  We strive for a certain degree of realism at Unnatural, and that includes a dress code for hospital staff.  Keep in mind that IRL medical staff in a hospital dress a certain way not just because the employee handbook says so, but because they KNOW they will get body fluids on their expensive silk shirts if they wear them to work. High heels are not practical if you have to run down the hall, nor for taking down a combative patient. Jewelry gets caught in things or falls INTO a patient during surgery. So this is one of those cases where you MUST dress the part. Clean clothing, sensible shoes, minimal jewelry. You’d be fired or just never hired otherwise.  


Anyone on duty must be dressed appropriately. Doctors may wear business/casual attire and lab coats or scrubs.  Scrub colors are assigned by role/position as per the following colors.


Doctors: Navy Blue Scrubs OR Business Casual and Lab Coat

Nurses: Lt. Blue, fun prints that are predominantly light blue.

◆ Orderlies/Techs: White

Housekeeping: Burgundy 

Maintenance: Brown

Administrative/Clerical:  Business Casual

Dress Code

Quick Guide to Protocols


Direct to the ER.  If awake they’d go to triage.  Begin the chart (see below).  Vitals, medical history, quick exam, and depending on needs move to the appropriate area.  


  • Minor illness, stitches, or other things that don’t require admission:  Move to ER bed to be seen by a doctor and released the same day. 

  • For severe injuries that require surgery, or if the patient is not awake, move to the OR and operate, or FTB (Fade-To-Black) surgery and move them directly to the ICU on the 2nd floor and inform them OOCly of their recommended stay.  1-3 days is pretty standard.  A patient can stay longer but that is up to them.  (NOTE: Patients coming in by ambulance would be moved to triage unless they need to go straight to surgery, then follow the above protocol)


All charts are kept primarily in Discord, with a new thread per patient, with all consecutive visits and incidents kept in that same thread. This keeps all patient information neatly in the same place. Templates for these visits are available pinned to the top of #patient-charts. Copy the appropriate chart template into the patient thread and fill it out as completely as you can (don’t worry if you don’t have all the information.) 


When you receive a new patient, check Discord for their history, so they don’t have to fill out the charts again, and so you can be apprised of their medical history to base future treatments on.

We also have a Google form for times when Discord is not convenient or when patients come in and NPC their care.

Ashmore Health ER Report Access



Like IRL there will be times codes will be called out. NOTE:  Codes could also go out over the radio to alert other municipal agencies. Be sure this is all played out in the scene.  Once the issue is over please alert/radio that the code is clear: ie: CODE RED ALL CLEAR!


We have normal codes and we also have a special one just for dealing with supernaturals.  Should there be an unruly or known supernatural ie: vampire, werewolf and so on a staff member would alert and the CODE GREY-2 would be called out over the intercoms.  If your character is not in the know this could be done by an NPC


CODE RED: Fire, smoke or smell of smoke (Follow RACE see below)

CODE YELLOW: Hospital-only trauma (ie: Trauma team to ED or Security to ED)

CODE BLUE:  Patient is coding / Medical Emergency (cardiac/respiratory arrest)

CODE GREY: Combative or Violent Patient

CODE GREY2:  Known supernatural treat within the hospital.

CODE SILVER: Weapon/Hostage (Next Code would come in place)

CODE FIVE:  Shelter in Place (This is used when other codes come in play)

CODE ADAM:  Missing Child (Infant NPC since no children allowed on Sim)



Should there be a fire in or around the hospital please follow the RACE protocol. (NOTE: There should never be a fire without Leads approval)


R - Rescue anyone in immediate danger

A - Activate alarm and radio/call 911

C - Confine the fire; close doors

E - Extinguish or evacuate if trained


Wait for CODE RED ALL CLEAR before returning to normal duties.

suggested Length of Stay

Here is a suggested hospital stay time list.  These are just suggestions.  The average hospital stay should never be more than 36 hours (3 days) unless the patient specifically asks to stay longer.   If a patient comes in with multiple issues you can do one of two things.  (1) Use the stay time that is the longest amount of time from the list of injuries OR (2) Add all of the injuries' hold times up and give them the number of hours equal to that total as long as it does not exceed 36 hours.  Please keep in mind that IC/OOCly staff can not force a patient to stay. 

Stay Times

Abdominal Pain (Acute: Gas) +0

Abdominal Pain (Serve: Appendicitis/GallStones) + 12

Asthma / Breathing Issues + 4

Blunt Force Trauma + 8

Burns, 1st Degree + 0

Burns, 2nd Degree + 4

Burns, 3rd Degree + 12

Coma + 36

Fracture (Acute) + 0

Facture (Serve) + 8

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