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The following are guidelines for attitudes and characteristics particular to the Waterborn Race in the Unnatural Universe.   While we understand, respect, and encourage individuality, we expect players to adhere to the Unnatural lore.  


Waterborn in the Unnatural Universe encompasses a myriad of creatures born of water, with countless variations in appearance and culture, that can shift to human form and move among Humans on dry land.  Such creatures have been part of folklore, mythology, fantasy, and fiction for millennia, and each culture or writer has a version of what Waterborn creatures are, from Nymphs, Sirens, Kelpies, Selkies, Merfolk, Sea Monsters... The list goes on.  


This is our version.



  • Hydrokinesis: Allows Waterborn to control water. The water must be at least ankle-deep and not contained; this means no manipulating water droplets, rain, humidity, or water inside another living thing. Collaborative efforts and the approval of Community Leads are necessary for handling significant phenomena like tsunamis or large water spouts that could cause substantial damage. It's crucial to remember that causing harm to others' property requires consent.

  • Waterborn can communicate with any other aquatic animal and may call on no more than 1 for aid.  Consider the animal’s known intelligence when doing this.  For example, Dolphins are highly intelligent and may lend aid, whereas Trout might just stare at you and not comprehend what you are trying to convey.

  • “Siren’s Song”: is not just the language of Waterborn; it also possesses magical qualities. Simply singing it can generate interest in those who hear it and draw them in, with humans being more susceptible than other Supernaturals.  This ability, while innate, requires practice, and the age of the Waterborn is not necessarily a contributing factor to its effectiveness.

  • "Focused Siren’s Song": Waterborn can choose a single person and concentrate on them. Only the intended victim can hear this focused version, and its effects vary from mild interest to potentially creating an unhealthy obsession with the singer. The outcome depends on the target's susceptibility, willpower, and how the victim wants to handle it OOC. (Do discuss the terms and parameters beforehand! CONSENT, CONSENT, CONSENT). 


NOTE:  Like all actions that affect other players, these must be roleplayed as attempts and require 2 posts  (CONSENT, CONSENT, CONSENT)



  • Waterborn possesses a unique gland that produces a Toxin.  This toxin is not found throughout the body but is only contained in the gland and the delivery method/appendage.  To all races, small doses of Waterborn Toxin acts as a narcotic, making the victim drowsy or sluggish/slower.  Larger doses will inflict intense pain and swelling starting at the afflicted site and gradually spreading throughout the whole body and may cause death as organs and airways swell and lose function.  In Vampires, the toxin will cause an extreme necrotizing infection that will spread through the body if left untreated.  


  • Waterborn Toxin that is exposed to air dries quickly and becomes inert.


  • Waterborn can attack others by deliberately releasing toxins through various methods such as spines, stingers, tentacles, etc.  The toxin is not produced throughout the entire body, so please pick only one method of delivery, and it cannot be the skin.  For example, if your True Form has 8 tentacles, only 1 of them may deliver the Toxin.


  • Waterborn Toxin gland in Human form is found in the gums, and the Toxin is delivered to the victim via retractable hollow fangs, much like a snake. 


  • The release of the toxin is intentional and must be completed in two (2) posts.  One post for showing intent, one for release.  It is possible to unintentionally release the toxin in moments of extreme stress/distress, but it still requires two posts.


NOTE:  While regular medicine might be able to treat some of the symptoms and buy time, only Phral can heal to avoid death.  Waterborn are immune to this toxin.





There is no “turning” into Waterborn.  Waterborn are born in their Waterborn True Form, and any land folk giving birth to potential Waterborn offspring must give birth in the water.  A sonogram might show that the offspring is not Human, but getting one can be tricky because of the need for secrecy (The Veil) and the mother must be sure of who is performing the procedure.




Like all Supernaturals, Waterborn believe there is safety in numbers and create communities and living areas underwater.  Large Families or other groups are called Pods and are akin to Vampire nests, Werewolf packs, etc.



Ashmore Lake is home to the Waterborn in Ashmore, but there are streams and smaller ponds and the depths of the Quarry where Waterborn may be found.  There is a meeting place for Waterborn, and a Magical Air Bubble for prison…er… guests. 




Underwater Breathing Charm: Phral that specialize in Mulengi Dori may use an item obtained from Waterborn, such as a scale, lock of hair, etc, to create a charm to allow non-Waterborn to breathe underwater for up to 3 days; however, keep in mind that non-Waterborn physiology does not allow for prolonged periods underwater.  Skin, hair, body temperature, etc are all affected and may cause illness or death.


Waterborn Toxin Healing: Drabarni Phral are the only ones that can heal a victim from a Waterborn Toxin Poisoning via a potion antidote.


A special thanks to the Unntural LoreKeepers and Unnatural players for their input, and Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) for being so patient with me on the endless cycle of Website updates!

Waterborn Toxin
Ashmore Lake
Waterborn & Phral


Waterborn, as the name suggests, are aquatic creatures that live in all natural bodies of water.  Like other Supernatural Races in the Unnatural Universe, each culture or geographical area has its own set of myths and legends, passed down through generations, though none have been substantiated. Your character can believe in the cultural origin myth or legend that resonates with them (or your OOC preference), but such beliefs don't necessarily reflect the truth. 

  • Like other Supernatural races, Waterborn age slowly and can live up to 500 years.

  • Waterborn are born in the water in their True Form and can’t shift into Human form until the first full moon after their 16th birthday.

  • Waterborn can breathe underwater while in Human form.

  • Waterborn are faster, stronger, and more agile than any other race in the water, whether in their True Form or Human form.

  • Waterborn can freely shift between their Human and True Forms. Shifting is a conscious choice, except during a full moon or prolonged periods in Human form (3 days), and shifting is never accidental or partial; for instance, they won't shift if someone pours a bucket of water on them, but might shift during “fight or flight” situations if not experienced or well in control of their abilities yet.

  • Waterborn are immune to most Human diseases and heal faster from wounds in their True Form, so when wounded it’s best to head for the water and shift.  Severe, life-threatening wounds may take longer to heal and may cause death if not treated.

  • Waterborn are less affected by cold temperatures than other races.

  • Waterborn use their own underwater language called "Siren’s Song" for communication beneath the water's surface. This language involves whale-like or dolphin-like sounds, chirps, trills, and other aquatic noises. On land, they can fluently speak the predominant common language of the area they happen to be in within a day or two of being exposed to it, although idioms, colloquialisms, and slang might pose a challenge to some.

  • Waterborn emit pheromones that only other Waterborn can detect via smell on land or water, and they can identify each other.  Others with sensitive noses might detect a “watery” or “fishy” scent.

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