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The following are guidelines for attitudes and characteristics particular to Vampires in the Unnatural Universe.   Understand that while we do understand, respect, and encourage individuality, we do expect players to adhere to the Unnatural lore.  


Vampires are fictional beings that have been part of folklore, fantasy, and horror fiction for millennia, and each culture or writer has their version of what Vampires are, with countless variations on appearance, culture, mentality, etc.  Think Twilight vs. Dracula!


This is our version.



Like all races in Unnatural, the true origin of Vampires is unknown.  Vampires are considered “undead”, creatures that feed off of the blood of other living beings.  Every culture or geographical area possesses myths and legends about Vampires that are passed down through generations, yet none of these myths have been confirmed.  Your character may believe whatever origin myth or legend that applies to them culturally (or your OOC preference), but it doesn’t make it true.

  • Stronger and faster than an average Human.

  • Lower body temperature, cool to the touch, closer to room temperature, or colder.

  • Heightened sense of sight, especially at night.

  • Fast healing:  For small wounds, instant healing/regeneration to the state they were in when they first turned. Larger wounds will heal and regenerate faster than a normal human but may take a few hours or days depending on the severity of the wound. If they haven’t fed recently, healing will be slower. 

  • Vampires must rest and regenerate daily and will return to the physical state they were in when they first turned - this includes hair and nails. Tattoos remain but fade faster than for Humans.

  • Vampires are ‘Sired' or created by other Vampires through a careful deliberate process.  (See turning below)  Pregnancy is not possible with Vampires and there is no “Sire Bond” in the Unnatural Universe, except for the ability to compel or glamour your fledgling/childe, see below.


  • They can detect heartbeats from other life forms in their vicinity (20m range).  With knowledge and experience, they may be able to discern different races based on their heart rate.

  • They can “glamour” or hypnotize their victims to make them do their bidding or alter their memories. (See below Glamouring/Compelling)

  • Vampires can Compel their progeny to do their bidding, but not other Vampires


Vampires use Glamouring and Compelling to influence the actions, thoughts, and memories of others. Glamouring and Compelling are similar to hypnosis, and while all Vampires have this ability, it needs to be learned and practiced, as age is not the only influence in mastering the ability.  A 300-year-old Vampire who practices regularly will be more effective at Glamouring and Compelling than a 600-year-old who doesn’t.

Glamouring is the altering of a victim’s memories.

  • Glamouring is not completely fail-proof.

  • Memories cannot be fully erased, but they can be altered or shrouded with something else.  For example, in case of an ‘accident’ patrons leaving Lazarus could be glamoured to forget that they saw any actual Vampire activity.  Instead, they’ll remember a night of drinking, partying, and some fetish play.

  • Attempting to shroud a memory without replacing it with something else may cause “holes” in a person’s memory, or an unexplained black-out that may encourage the person to find out what happened during the time and trigger the memory.  Additionally, having conversations with witnesses with a different memory of what happened during the incident may lead to questioning and trigger the true memory.   


“I thought we went to the diner when we left Lazarus.”

“No. Think harder.  We ended up taking you home because you passed out after making out with some guy.” 

“I distinctly remember having pancakes…”

“Do you remember leaving the diner?  You woke up on your sofa.  Do you even have a receipt from the diner?  Check your bank account.”

**NOTE:  We understand that some may want more permanent effects to their ability, or that not having permanent effects may imply to them that they are not as powerful.  Keeping these abilities more open or playable with the ability to avoid permanent effects will help players be more open to consent.  It's the same reason why just biting/feeding doesn’t turn a person or kill them.


Tastes, as in the real world, are subjective.  Some Vampires may prefer certain flavors and will require/demand that a Blood Doll eats/drinks certain items that will influence the flavor of their blood, like extra garlic, pineapple juice, curry powder, or sugary treats.  People from different ethnicity also season their foods differently, and some Vampires may prefer people from a different country/ethnic group for that reason.

  • Vampires can only consume blood and cannot digest other foods, drugs, or alcohol.  Consuming other foods will cause them to vomit violently within a few hours. 

  • Vampires require live blood from a human or large animal for proper feeding.  Packed or bottled blood (such as served at Lazarus), or smaller live animals do not possess all the proper nutrients needed for sustenance, and may only stave off Bloodlust for an additional 2 days (1 for young vampires/addicts)

  • Consuming blood from the dead will trigger immediate Bloodlust.  Most Vampires know to stop feeding before their victim dies!

  • Older Vampires can go up to 72 hours without proper feeding (proper- as in actual live blood from a human victim or large animal, such as a cow, deer, horse, etc) before Bloodlust sets in

  • Young Vampires, or Vampires that are addicted to particular supernatural blood, lack control, tend to get anxious or angry and will be affected by Bloodlust at about 24 hours.

  • Vampire blood is not a source of sustenance (Vampire feeding on Vampire) as Vampire blood would have been depleted of the necessary nutrients, and is even less satiating the packaged blood.

  • Vampires may feed on someone intoxicated and feel the effects of the alcohol or drugs,though the effect is diluted and may require more than the average human.  Some may purposely give their victim drugs or alcohol before feeding.  

Blood/Bite Effects


While Bloodlust enhances a Vampire’s abilities/speed/strength, it mentally impairs them with loss of control, and some may experience delusions or paranoia.   Bloodlust also gives them a monstrous appearance with ashen skin, protruding veins, and red eyes, among other things (Players can be creative here), and the severity of the effects is dependant on age, experience, training, etc, 


Bloodlust may be brought on by the scent of blood, especially if hungry, long periods without feeding, and the Full Moon, and in some cases, feeding off of other Supernaturals.. Bloodlust drives up hunger, and some may lose control, especially younger Vampires.  They may feed indiscriminately and recklessly until they’ve regained control.  They may or may not remember/be aware of the Bloodlust state.  Many Vampires gorge themselves before the Full Moon to diminish the symptoms.


Supernatural blood

The blood of other Supernaturals may provide a particular sensation of satiation to Vampires, along with other effects (see below) and this may prove to be addictive.  Supernatural blood varies in taste.  Incarnates have a human body, so their flavor would be the same as another human.  Waterborn may have a fish-like, slightly muddy, or salty flavor to their blood (depending on if they live in freshwater or saltwater), Shifters and Werewolves may have more of a gamey taste. Phral, however, are especially sweet or desirable to Vampires.

Below are the effects that Supernatural blood has on Vampires when consumed:

The power of Werewolf blood can be a dangerous wine. A Vampire who feasts on Werewolf blood is far more susceptible to Bloodlust while the Werewolf blood remains in their system. Werewolf blood increases the difficulty to resist Bloodlust. Even if the Vampire successfully staves off a full Bloodlust, they may become paranoid and short-tempered for as long as the blood remains in their system.

Blood Dolls
Vampire Blood


Vampire Blood has been known to be an “upper”, such as cocaine, or a really powerful metabolism enhancer.  Those who consume it have reported increased energy, mental clarity, enhanced libido, and decreased appetite, among other things.  Vampire Blood is highly addictive, both physically and mentally.   


Werewolves, Shifters, Waterborn, and Incarnates that consume Vampire Blood may experience euphoria, excitability, and nervousness, and may involuntarily shift immediately after consuming.  Some may have developed tolerance or practice in controlling this.


Vampire Blood may also be used in some Phral potions or rituals (see Phral page for details). 


It is not uncommon for a Vampire to develop a relationship with Humans or other beings that they keep around mostly for feeding (We are not going to ask about your kinks :P).  Keep in mind though that blood slaves must eat a lot to replace blood loss, take vitamins and other supplements, and keep in good health or they will die.   

  • Blood Dolls/Slaves may belong to an individual Vampire, a nest, or other groups.  

  • Blood Dolls/Slaves are sometimes marked with tattoos, jewelry, branding, etc.

  • Blood Dolls/Slaves may be kept willingly or not, glamoured, or even by way of addiction (some are addicted to the bite or Vampire Blood.  

  • A Vampire may develop a bond with its Blood Doll/Slave and the Vampire may recognize the flavor and scent of his slave’s blood and be able to track them up to 100 SL meters in distance.  The closer they are, the stronger the scent. (CONSENT, CONSENT, CONSENT). 


Vampires are created by other Vampires, not born. A Vampire must feed off their victim until they are drained and almost dead, then feed them their own blood, after which the victim will enter a sleep-like state (some might think them dead) for 24 hours and wake up hungry. A responsible Sire would protect their progeny and make sure they are there when they wake so they can see to their needs. If a new Vampire wakes up alone they may not understand what is happening.  Bloodlust will rule their actions, and some might go on a feeding frenzy that might leave a few dead Humans and might permanently damage their psyche.  


**Note:  ONLY HUMANS AND PHRAL CAN BE TURNED. Other races will either develop an infection from the bite that could result in death or will die when drained.


Nests are family groups/clans formed by Vampires, for various reasons, like companionship or business, since they aren’t necessarily “pack’ driven creatures.  The politics, rules, etc are individual to each nest.  There is no officially established nest in Ashmore, but Vampires may start their own or become members of Club Lazarus should they choose.



Club Lazarus is the Vampire gathering hub in Ashmore and possibly the only of its kind in the tri-state area!  It is advertised as a lounge to the public, offering live entertainment and fine spirits--but that is no more than a lure for victims/snacks!  It is owned by Rosemary Broussard and her partner Vincent Weirman. It is very possible that your Vampire character has heard of either of them or may have knowledge of the club.  


What Happens at Lazarus


Feeding is allowed in the alcoves (semi-private) and the VIP room, but open feeding is discouraged on the main floor. Lazarus provides a drink known as the 'House Red', a bottled blood, offered to its VIP members. 


Vampires may become members and pay yearly dues (RP only, assumed transactions), or remain as guests.  Lazarus also has long-term rooms for rent, offering maximum security and not a single window in sight for members.  Any Vampire bringing a non-Vampire guest to Lazarus is responsible and liable for their behavior.


**OOC the rental rooms are weekly rentals, not hourly, and are a housing alternative for Vampires since they do not need kitchens or bathrooms!


VIP members also have access to the VIP Playrooms, for more privacy, and secure rooms for siring.  Ask management!


Non-Vampire guests or unknowing humans who witness Vampire activity at Lazarus may be glamoured to re-imagine the events they witnessed. They may remember the people they meet, the dancing, partying, and drinking, but not any supernatural activity.


Punishment for breaking rules or the veil at Lazarus can be harsh and may elicit a visit to the Poconos Region Order of Vampires.

Poconos Region Order of Vampires

Motto: "Tenetur in sempiternum a sanguine protecti ab tenebris obumbratio" 

Translated: Forever bound by blood, protected by the darkness of the shadows.


The hierarchy of Vampires differs from lore to lore. In Unnatural, the hierarchy is controlled by The Poconos Region Order of Vampires. This order is over Vampire affairs in the Poconos area with the headquarters in Ashmore. They are not a nest. They oversee law and order for Vampires in the region.


The Order ensures that all Vampires who enter the region keep the veil intact and hand out discipline to Vampires who break it. They can and will intervene with Vampire affairs that put the region at risk of exposure. Consequences can include physical punishment, fines, imprisonment, or handed over to the Veiled Council for more extreme punishment.

The Order utilizes Lazarus as the home base able to hide the vast wealth of resources and assets at the disposal of Vampires under its jurisdiction who request it.

Read full details of the Order of Vampires

A special thanks to Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) for her input and help with the rewrite, and all Unntural LoreKeepers and players for their input.

Order of Vampires
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