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Exploring Nature's Classroom: Ashmore's Trail Sign Adventure

In a groundbreaking initiative, Ashmore Parks & Game, in collaboration with the City of Ashmore, has introduced a captivating program that blends outdoor fun with educational enrichment – the Ashmore Trail Signs. Comprising 20 trail signs strategically placed throughout the Poconos wilds, this initiative is designed to familiarize residents and visitors alike with the diverse flora and fauna indigenous to the region.

Sergeant Arthur Miller of the Parks and Game Division expressed the program's significance, stating, "The main significance of the project is education, to instill a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for the nature that surrounds us here in Ashmore. We often take for granted the beauty that lives right outside our doors. By setting up these trail signs and the companion website, we hope that the community will take more interest in protecting the woods and the creatures that they share it with."

The idea behind the project is not tied to a particular event but rather stems from a desire to showcase the multifaceted role of the Rangers. Sergeant Miller elaborated, "We want the public to know we are more than just law enforcement in the woods; we are also involved in the maintenance and conservation of the woods and the animals that live there."

Pennsylvania State Bird

The trail signs are designed to be user-friendly, catering to a broad audience. "The trail signs should be super user-friendly; they are brightly colored and easy to read with a QR code that everyone can scan that will take you to our Natural Resources website, where the public can learn more in-depth information about the plants and animals that make up our beautiful woods," assured Sergeant Miller.

Participating in this outdoor adventure promises not only an opportunity for education but also a chance to improve overall health and well-being. "The main thing I would like our community and the tourists that visit us to take away from using the trail system is the education and newfound appreciation for our forests and the creatures that live there," shared Sergeant Miller. "Ultimately, I hope they will respect our forests enough to leave them the way they found them while they explore their great beauty, taking any garbage and litter they might otherwise have left behind."

In addition to fostering appreciation for nature, the Ashmore Trail Signs encourage a healthier lifestyle. Sergeant Miller highlighted the positive impact on physical well-being, saying, "I think it will also promote good health by encouraging people to get out there and explore in a fun and safe manner."

Residents and tourists are encouraged to embark on this enriching journey, snapping pictures with the trail signs and sharing them on social media with the tag @APDRangers and #AshmoreTrailSigns. The coordinates for each sign are available on the Gazette blog for those who prefer a guided exploration. So, let the adventure begin as Ashmore opens its doors to the wonders of the Poconos wilds, promoting education, respect for nature, and a healthier lifestyle for all.


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