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When 'Going Medieval' Gets Too Literal: Tragedy Unfolds As Unidentified Female Is Found Deceased At Ashmore Renaissance Faire

Ashmore TWP -- Authorities are questioning Fair-goers who were present at the Ashmore Renaissance Faire closing ceremonies on Saturday evening. An unidentified woman was found deceased during the festivities, according to law enforcement sources.

Luzerne County Coroner Anias Ephraim said Sunday that the woman's death has "been deemed a homicide and is pending further investigation" when asked directly if the cause of death was known.

Independent sources claim that the woman, who is Caucasian, and somewhere between her late twenties and mid thirties, was found eviscerated, near the horse stables.

Other independent sources also claim that a suspicious individual was seen in the vicinity of the body before its discovery.

Ashmore Police are asking for cooperation from local and out of town fair-goers during their investigation. If you have any information that has not been collected, please contact Ashmore Police Department's Crime Stoppers Hotline at (729) 728-7657.

The District Attorney could not be reached for comment.


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