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The following are guidelines for attitudes and characteristics particular to Humans in the Unnatural Universe.   Know that while we do understand, respect, and encourage individuality, we do expect players to adhere to the Unnatural lore.

Humans in the Unnatural Universe are no different than Humans in real life, and they are the most common race in this world.  Known for their intelligence and adaptability, they are generally physically weaker than some of the other Supernatural species, but they make up for it with their resourcefulness, quick thinking, and perhaps numbers, when needed.


Throughout history, people have debated and explored the origins of Humans. Your character can choose to believe whichever different theory applies to them, like Creation, Evolution, Separate Origins, or any other theory; and may be influenced by factors such as culture, faith, geography, or scholarly pursuits. However, in the Unnatural Universe, the origins of all races, Humans included, remain unknown, and none of the explanations have been proven true, regardless of individual beliefs.


Just Human😝! But please do follow the OOC rules on this!  No minors, anime, furries, etc. 


Humans in the Unnatural Universe are no different than Humans in the real world.  Humans have no special abilities, none are “a little bit psychic” or “sensitive” etc.  A person is Supernatural or not, with no in-betweens or “hybrids” that show characteristics of more than one race.  Even if one of their parents was Supernatural, they take after one or the other.  Supernatural traits have also been known to skip a generation.


Overall, Humans are the most versatile race in Unnatural and one with maximum potential for character growth and change.  A player may come in as a human and, aside from Waterborn, switch races later.  They can start as “Oblivious” or any of the types described below and become “Knowing”.  They can be a “late bloomer” Phral or Shifter and discover their abilities, be “turned” by a Werewolf or Vampire, or become possessed by an Incarnate after arriving.  For more information on “turning” please see individual Race pages.


For the most part, there are two types of Humans but players aren’t limited to these, and how you play your character is, of course, completely up to you.

Uknowing Humans

These are Humans that know nothing of the existence of Supernaturals or are skeptical non-believers in anything that is not tangible or rooted and proven with science.  They might study mythology strictly from an anthropological and sociological point of view but don’t believe any of it is true.  These Humans will laugh at anyone speaking of Supernatural sightings, or roll their eyes at the “crazy person” claiming they were attacked by a Werewolf in the woods.  They likely will never believe it until they feel the sting of fangs on their neck, and even if they did, they might write it off as a bad dream, a bad trip on some potent shrooms, or the work of some delusional psycho with fake fangs.

Unknowing Humans
Knowing Humans
Knowing Humans

The knowing Humans are a complex sort.  Some are born into a Supernatural family, others learn later in life.  Depending on their mindset, their reactions to the knowledge range from hate, panic, and fear, to glamorizing and romanticizing. 

People of Supernatural families who never awakened (like Phral-Sov) or shifted. These persons grow up in the culture and understand it, of course, and the need for secrecy, but how they choose to act on their circumstances, whether protective or resentful, is up to them.

The Veil


Most Knowing Humans know to keep their mouths shut and protect the Veil, though they may have different reasons or motivations, like fear of Supernaturals killing them or having been threatened, loyalty to a Supernatural “master”, lover, or friend; or an understanding of what it could mean for the world were the secret known.  Think the Salem Wtich Trials, The Inquisition, Exorcisms, etc.  


Humans and Supernaturals

Humans are susceptible to all Supernatural abilities but can circumvent some of them with the aid of Phral charms, artifacts, and potions.  Knowing Humans might be aware of potential dangers and figure out how to circumvent them, for example, avoid all eye contact with a Vampire.  Additionally, remember that everything in Unnatural is consent-based, and while you should consider the other player’s abilities and the place you are roleplaying in, nothing can happen to your character without your consent.  Please take a moment to discuss terms and effects with your roleplay partner, and check out individual race pages to make sure things are roleplayed correctly.

For Humans Vampire feeding and Vampire blood have a special effect, and both can be addictive psychologically (feeding) and physically (blood), add to that the apparent glamour of their lifestyle, and it's a potent mix.  Humans are also especially susceptible to Glamouring and Compelling (for more information on how this works, please check out the Vampire page)


Feeding:  Vampire bites can be psychologically addicting.  Though it may be initially painful, it produces feelings of deep relaxation (maybe from blood loss!), elicits erotic visions, and increases desire in the victim.


Blood: Small amounts of Vampire blood can be very addicting to a human and usually make the user feel euphoric, energetic, talkative, mentally alert, and hypersensitive to sight, sound, and touch. It can also temporarily decrease the need for food and sleep and increase the person’s libido.

The Veil
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