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Unnatural Updates for the Week of 4.2.24

Photo by Solus Mirra, Et. Al.

Things to do this week

Want to see more upcoming events? Check out the Unnatural Calendar 

Want to host an sim-wide or race only event? Submit your ideas HERE

Make sure after you submit to send a quick message to Ryder Storms in-world or in Discord..

April 2 @ 6pm SLT

A cocktail happy hour for residents of Ashmore who care to enjoy the upscale ambience of Lazarus during a two-hour period. Cocktails will be 25% off in general, 40% off the featured cocktail of the week. (RP only.) Standard Lazarus dress code applies during this event. A small weekly RP event.

April 3 @ TBD SLT

Welcome Wednesday is an OOC event where everyone is welcomed! Meet new and old roleplayers, ask questions about race, lore, or business. Learn about current storylines and how to get your character involved!

April 13 2pm SLT - 5pm SLT

"A Social Gathering - Part 1" Vampire only event (with the exception of in-the-know partners/concubines/whatever. Essentially it will be a social gathering, for newer vampires to meet others who have been around for much longer, and of course for those who are new to Ashmore to meet those who are very much not, all without the sometimes uncomfortable and undesirable overlay of politics and other serious subjects best left for formal events. All vampires invited (ie. all those currently in Ashmore) would be allowed to bring one non-vampire companion to the events, provided that companion is knowing and is aware of what will happen should they reveal any of the supernatural activity they see. It is sponsored and held at Lazarus Nightclub. All vampire will receive personal invitations to the event.


Weather Report



The Lore

The purpose of agreeing to abide by the lore is not to hinder creativity, but rather to encourage players to creatively develop their characters within the Unnatural World. By establishing a shared set of guidelines and parameters, the lore provides a structure that allows players to explore their imaginations while still maintaining a consistent and cohesive narrative.

In this way, sim lore serves as a catalyst for creativity, inspiring players to craft unique and compelling characters that contribute to the overall richness and depth of the Unnatural World. It allows players to delve into a realm of endless possibilities, where they can bring their own personal visions and interpretations to life within a shared virtual space.

By embracing the sim lore, players become part of a collaborative storytelling experience, where their characters' actions and decisions shape the ongoing narrative of the Unnatural World. This shared commitment to the lore fosters a sense of community among players, creating a vibrant and dynamic gaming environment where creativity flourishes and thrives.

Have a great week unnatural!

Kali (kaliope.karas) - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Pauleh - Sim Owner/Community Lead

Lexie Vaher - Community Lead

Leah Grave (abigail.macalroy) - Community Lead

Fen Blacach (fen.syakumi) - Community Lead


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